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kc @siwc, photo by Ursula MaxwellYou know, this has been a pretty productive year for me on the writing front. It's turned out to have a fairly short-storied focus, but the words have definitely been coming. I've written [and podcasted] eighteen stories --or excerpts -- so far this year, and this looks to continue. On May 1st, however, an idea came to me in the shower while I was washing my hair, and later that week I happened to mention it to my friend and often-writing-companion Kathy Chung.

It made her laugh.

This, of course, was encouragement enough for me to start the project in earnest. As a result, I have a HUGE list of writing projects on the go this month, including writing a mammoth grant proposal for SiWC 2012. I have thereby declared this kcnowrimo*, in spite of the fact that the 'no' element is just one small item on the list.

Will report in at the end of the month with results.

Those who follow me on twitter know that I've been indulging in daily #morningwrites [rarely, of course, in the mornings], so now you know what the whole #kcnowrimo hash tag is all about, too.

Wish me luck -- or better still, join me!


More soon...





*blatant rip-off/warm homage [your pick] of NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month, a collective orgy of penmanship held every November.

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