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Scribetacular Summer Scramble 

This is Tyner Gillies.




He's a friend of mine, and a writer.

When he's not writing, he spends his time taking down bad guys, as a Corporal in the RCMP.



When he _is_ writing, he's busy doing stuff like this: 

[That's him with bestselling authors Jack Whyte and Diana Gabaldon picking up just one of the many prizes he's won at the Surrey International Writers' Conference].

Or this:

[That's the cover of his brand new book, published by Dark Dragon Press and just launching this summer.]

As a writer, Tyner is on a trajectory for greatness. But he is still capable of making mistakes.

He made one today.

[No, not the bad guy he disarmed and arrested. He did that completely right. By the book, you might say.]

The mistake he made was issuing me a challenge. Most words in July, head to head.

This guy's name might be on everybody's lips in the next few years, but let me tell you -- for this endeavour, he's gonna have to go through me first.

The challenge: Write the most words, as legitimately logged, in the month of July. Words may only include original works of fiction -- no reports, blog posts or other projects allowed.

The stakes: Loser must recite an ORIGINAL poem with the subject being the general splendor and spectacularity of the winner in a public location at the Surrey International Writers' Conference this fall, in full view of a large collection of other [likely heckling] writers.

In an outfit of the winner's choosing.

Tyner's going to be tweeting shortly [once he gets with the century and fires up his twitter account] and we'll be documenting this month-long drama on twitter with the hashtags #SSS2012 and #thisdaywewrite. I'll post Tyner's twitter handle here when he sets it up, and as usual, you can find me sweetly tweeting at @kcdyer.

We'll also post regular blog updates  -- mine will be here, and Tyner's at his site HERE. As I haven't written a word yet this month and I think he's up to 2000 or so already, I may well have my work cut out for me.

We'd love for you to join in if you'd like -- race us to the finish and see if you can get more words than the winner. You'll be spared the public humiliation of an embarrassingly-clad recitation, but here's what we'll do. If you manage to beat the word total of the winner, we'll put your name in for a draw of a copy of my most recent book FACING FIRE, plus Tyner's new book THE WATCH. Just post a message here or at my Facebook page at the end of July. We'll give the prize away sometime before summer's end.

Join us! It'll be tons of fun, and a great way to get your current work-in-progress moving along. With prizes to sweeten the deal.

And you know what, Ty? I have a tutu with your name on it. 

Game ON!



More soon....





I've run away for a few days, and am ensconced [with my canines] in a tiny cabin on the coast. This is to facilitate both getting my house repairs closer to finished, AND [hopefully] a big push on completing the edit on my Ceilidh novel. I'm wearing my SiWC t-shirt for inspiration, dogs are walked, diet coke is in the fridge.

Here goes!


More soon...




PS Will post a reminder later about my North Van reading this Wednesday, February 15th. It's at 7 pm at the library...would love to see you there!