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Short Form Poetry

Hi Guys,

Man -- talk about absent-minded. I forgot to remind you all to check this site on Friday. Ah well, some of you will come to it a bit late...no worries. So...this week.

First, here's a little hint to help you along with your song analysis: a picture of the songwriter Shawn Colvin:



Okay, so along with your thoughts on her song, don't forget you also need to bring in first drafts of at least two types of short-form poetry -- original verse, of course.

You also need to finish reading WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS, and answer the questions, too.

Don't forget to bring in your illuminated Acrostic poem, too -- full colour, remember!

And what else, what else....? Oh yeah!

Don't forget to bring any stuff that you want in your Extraordinary Author Photo, which I plan to take this Friday. Make it cool, make it interesting - make it ALL ABOUT YOU!

Next week we're going to toast the poetry part of our short-story-telling odyssey with a look at long-form poetry -- ballads and odes and more.

See you all on Friday!



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