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Festive Flash Fiction Alphabetical Advent Calendar

For the month of December, my goal is to post a piece of festive flash fiction here to the blog every day. Twenty-five stories, each 250 words or fewer — a little fictional festivity to brighten the darkest month of the year. For readers, I offer these stories as a moment of peace within a hectic month of busy. And writers? If you’d like to join me, I’ll feature any flash fiction you’d like to share!

Antler annoyance

Reindeer clipped from a creative-commons photo by Oskar Karlin

Today’s installment:

The Antler Annoyance

The antlers were the problem. Eight teeny reindeer, all set to take to school. Rudolph with a red gumdrop for his nose. Ash tried cinnamon sticks, toothpicks and even stir-sticks from her mother’s coffee stash, but nothing worked. This whole seasonal mythology thing was a giant pain. No one believed in Santa anymore. Not in eighth grade.

Her teacher disagreed. We’re inclusive, she’d said. All beliefs welcome here.

So, when one of the boys had grabbed the manger scene, Santa seemed the obvious second choice. She’d picked the reindeer, ‘cause — duh. And only nine cookies, right?

But now Ash sat staring at the baking sheet, and the little google-y eyes stared right back, foreheads naked under the harsh kitchen lights.

What about cloves? her mum suggested. A pair of little brown cloves for each cookie. Then everyone will be able to ‘c’ the ‘love’ you’ve put into them. She near died laughing at that one.

Ash just frowned. You’ve forgotten, she said. It’s hard.

Look honey, her mum said. You need to quit being so gloomy all the time. It’s Christmas, for goodness sake. Try not to make everything such a big deal. Here — you can wear my hat to school. Holiday colours — red and green!

So in the end, that’s what she did. Cloves for the cookies. And the hat?

When she pulled it down low, you could hardly make out the two little nubbins sprouting out of her forehead.

Maybe her mum did remember, after all.

More soon…!



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