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FINAL Feature of February: Terese Mason Pierre

In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, I'm featuring a BIPOC writer for every day of February. As a special treat for subscribers to my newsletter, each week one lucky reader will win a copy of a book from all seven featured writers -- and today is the final draw. Not a subscriber yet? Scroll to the bottom of this page, and sign up!

I first became aware of Terese Mason Pierre via twitter, watching as she and Jenny Heijun Wills [profiled on Feb 4] celebrate books written by BIPOC authors with incredible 'book looks'. [The photo here is her interpretation of the cover of THE MYTHIC DREAM, a collection of short stories edited by Dominic Parisien and Navah Wolfe.]

I love the creativity of this idea, and the sheer joy of celebrating someone's work through this beautiful, fleeting art. Following Terese on twitter, I learned that she is a poet, and is also co-Editor in Chief of Canadian literary spec fiction Augur magazine. She's published two chapbooks of her poetry: SURFACE AREA, with Anstruther Press in 2019 and MANIFEST, via Gap Riot Press in 2020. I'm a huge fan of spec fiction AND poetry, and so Terese's fresh, exciting voice seems the ideal one to finish out this celebratory month. [Also? Proof positive that social media DOES have a good side!]

And so, without further ado, the winner of Terese's chapbook, along with books by Eden Robinson, Gigi Pandian, Cherie Dimaline, Desmond Cole, Dionne Brand, and Jen Sookfong Lee

is... julien-sullivanc [Perhaps C. Julien-Sullivan? Or Julie N. Sullivan?]

Congratulations! Remember to check your email, so I can sort out delivery of these amazing prize packages.

This month has been crazy for me, as I do not customarily blog every day [unless I am travelling], but I'm so glad I took the plunge. My goal when I began was to shine a light on some of my favourite writers, and to discover new, exciting voices -- without putting any of the work on the writers themselves. No interview to sit for, no questions to answer -- just a celebration of the work of these wonderful voices, and a chance to share them with you. It's been delightful.

I hope you have enjoyed the experience as much as I have. And, in case you missed one of these steller writers, I'll be recapping and linking to every interview in March's newsletter. If you haven't yet subscribed, sign up at! (And if you have, thanks for reading.)

Also, stay tuned this week for a flash giveaway, sponsored by 32 Books, and aimed at primary teachers in the Vancouver area.

More on that, soon...



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