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Research Trip Ride-Along: Incomparable Ísafjörður

The West Fjords of Iceland are among the most beautiful locations in the world.

West fjords

I took this shot above the towering cliffs [of Insanity?] as I flew over the fjords, having no idea what lay before me. The whole experience left me pretty much speechless.

Flying into Ísafjörður was simply incredible. Here’s a shot from inside the plane, as we neared the airport.

west fjords 2

Approach into Isafjordur

I took this one with my iPhone, so the odd diagonal line you see across the photo is the propeller. The thin line below the cliffs is the road into town.

A still shot doesn’t really do justice to the experience, I have to say. At final approach, the plane soars between the towering cliffs of the fjord, performs a tight 180 degree turn at the end and sets down on the runway. It is amazing!

Here’s some footage someone took of the landing from the ground, so you can have an idea:

This footage, I’d like to add, looks like it was shot in high summer. The runway was clear for our landing, but it was definitely a winter-y visit for me! I was in Isafjordur for the change of seasons — April 21 marks the beginning of summer in Iceland, and as you can see, it was still snowy. [There are only two seasons in Iceland — winter and summer. Lucky me — I got to experience both!]

Isafjordur pano

The town was old, and beautiful. I climbed the hill behind my B&B and took this shot.

While I was there, I got to visit an old fishing village and acquired a ton of research material, which was amazing. Also, while there, I had the opportunity to walk through the home/workspace  of a wonderful glass artist named Dagny. The gallery, called Rammagerð, is a place to find work by 50 or 60 local artists. It was wonderful!

glass landscape

This is a glass panel in a wall in her house — her interpretation of the Ísafjörður scenery. If you’d like to see more, you can find her work on Facebook HERE.

I spent a bit more than two days exploring the town, talking to the ravens [who LOOK like Canadian ravens, but have a serious Icelandic accent!] and hanging out, you know, in places like this:

Isafjordur fjord

Pretty much an unforgettable experience, Ísafjörður. Thank you for having me!

More soon…


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