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What's your line in the sand...?

I read. If you know me, you'll know reading is one of my defining features. Long before I was a writer, I was a reader. The prominent decor in my house? Books.

I read across genre, online, offline, where ever I can find a good story. And yet...

I was prompted to write this post by something that happened to me recently. I was sitting, masked up, on a train, ready to dive into a delicious new book by an author I had read and enjoyed before. This author writes mostly Nordic Noir, and I am not averse to a bleak, bloody beginning [which practically defines the genre, really].

But instead of losing myself in the story, I found myself doing something I can't ever remember doing before. I put the book down on the seat across the aisle, and abandoned it.

I hadn't even gotten into the story, really. But an incident in the prologue left me so filled with horror I couldn't read on. I won't go into detail, but it involved the torturous death of an animal.

Everything dies. And I had been seeking out a thriller, which by its very nature involves an element of untimely demise. My reading choices would be a lot more limited if I cut out every book that addressed untimely death. But this plot, predicated on the careless, thoughtless torture of an animal? Nope.

Here's my question -- has this ever happened to you? Have you ever begun a book with great relish, only to drop it in dismay? And if so -- what's YOUR line in the sand? Please share!

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