Remembering Sacrifice

Once again this year, we don't have to remember too far back, as Canadians are once again serving overseas. My grampa served in the First World War, and one hundred years on, Canadians continue to sacrifice their lives to the machinations of governments around the world.


Who do you remember?




Bidding Farewell to #SiWC14 with a Book Mystery

The Surrey International Writers' Conference has come and gone for 2014. It was amazing fun, reconnecting with old friends and garnering inspiration from all the giant brains in attendence. The conference has eaten my head for the past two months [hence the scanty posting here] but has provided me with all kinds of interesting projects I'll be talking about over the next few months. And I'll post a few pix soon, too.


I have come home to a little mystery this week that I thought I might ask your help with. All ideas welcome!

I received a small packet in the mail; a book [one that I already own, interestingly enough] called 'The Meanwhile Chronicles' by Roddy Doyle. It's technically a used edition -- Scholastic paperback version, a bit yellowed, but the spine uncracked. It was sent to me via Amazon.ca with no shipping label from Better World Books in Chicago.


I mean -- I love Roddy Doyle. I own just about every book he's ever written, including this one. And I love getting books -- who doesn't? But I didn't order this one, and Amazon can't tell me who did.


I mean, I totally know you would send me a book if you could. But if you didn't send this one, can you help me figure out who did? Let's solve the puzzle together, shall we?


More soon...




Edgar Allan Poe answers the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So, last night the ALS challenge finally came home to roost here at kc dyer central, bestowed upon me by the ever-innovative and evil Mike Carson.

Here's his challenge.


Brilliant, yes? I could not hope to compete with that.

But as competition is not the spirit of the thing -- [hint: GIVING to support ALS] -- I decided to at least provide a writerly angle to my response.

And, ever the gentleman, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe stepped in to assist...

















Also? I hereby challenge my writer friends Tyner Gillies, James McCann and Lee Edward Fodi to participate in ice-bucketing themselves [or their literaray counterparts] on behalf of ALS. You've got 24 hours, guys!


More soon...





I love coming across weird signs when I travel. Here are a few that piqued my interest recently...

In London, bridges were a bit of an issue:

Make sure to break step...

Um...this left me worried.


When I spied this one I had NO idea to what it referred...

Is it like...cow tipping?


Okay, so don't dump your garbage on the fly!

Signs on public transport can offer intrigue:

Definately in the UK.

Who knew these had become enough of a part of the zeitgeist to warrent a sign!

Reykjavik graffiti [on the side of an art gallery]


Clear Icelandic directions.

Extremely clear Python directions.

And, to finish, a little bit of Canada I found atop Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh...


More soon...







Like my friend, Lee Edward Fodi, I have a fascination with doors and doorways. Here are a few from my recent perambulations that caught my eye...

Door within a door from a home in Ipswich, circa 1500.



Castle Argyll as seen through the doorway of the tower Dun Corr Bhile near Inveraray, Scotland.


The Devil's Door in a small church in York


Doors within doors at Slains Castle, Scotland.



Valbjofsstadur door, c 1200 AD Iceland, the only one left of its kind.


Dunnottar Castle doorways [with bonus well...] outside Aberdeen, Scotland.


Portal peephole at Hampton Court Palace.

Do you have a favourite doorway? Tell me about it!


More soon...