Thanks... Sean Cranbury and all the folks at the Stormcrow Tavern for sponsoring my reading last night and feeding me the best veggie burger I've had in ages!

Thanks also to Kathy, Jeff, Dan, Sarah, Rob, Tanya, Kallie, Luke, Alice and Michael for coming out to cheer me on through the madding crowds!

You can see a shot taken by Sean HERE.

A couple of my creepier Bedtime Stories were on tap -- picked to suit the ambiance of the place --  and I always like reading aloud. It was fun!

More soon...


Forget Reddit...

I'm gonna do an AMA* in real life!

I'll be doing a reading at The Stormcrow on Thursday night, right around 7 pm.

Details here on the Facebook page.

It'll be short, 'cause I don't want to interrupt anyone's Settlers of Catan [Star Trek edition] game for too long!

I'll have a few books to sign and sell, and promise to answer any questions asked. See you there?


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*Ask Me Anything. For those who don't know what Reddit is, and therefore have no idea how they'll manage to forget it



Snow Day....



Not able to travel too far today.


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Here we are...

2014. Can you believe it?

Somehow the final third of last year caught me up in its whirlwind and swept me away from the blog, so I've a fair bit to catch up on. Need to catch up with the folks in Bella Bella and see how their fundraiser went, and catch you up on some pix of our own contributions.

But first, the end of a year often is a time of assessment, and it's no different here at kc dyer central. This year has not been without its challenges, but it's held a few triumphs, too.

This was the year I finished walking across Canada.

Can one ever really walk across this country? I mean, one straight-ish line can't do justice to the many and varied landscapes; the far north, the three oceans, the islands...?

All the same, a couple of years ago, I decided to try. I started using my treadmill desk way back in March of 2010, and recording the mileage as I [very slowly, as a rule] made my way --virtually -- across the country. If you look back through the blog, by the end of 2013 I was in the middle of Ontario, having made some good progress. This year was even better, helped along by some decent running mileage along the way. Measured out, by December 31, 2013 I'd run and walked a total of 6,374.2 km since that first walk in March, 2010.

With the vagaries of the Trans-Canada Highway, and a refusal to take even virtual shortcuts through the US, this has brought me from my wee village of Lions Bay on the shores of Howe Sound in British Columbia to the [these days icy] beaches of the Atlantic Ocean right outside Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Should I have taken a left turn at Edmunston and headed for Cornerbrook via Bathurst? Should I have turned north way back at Highway #2 in Alberta and headed for Yellowknife via Fort McMurray?

So many choices!

At any rate, one thing I've learned while walking from one ocean across to another is a pearl of wisdom especially for the writers out there.

The best ideas I've had have come while walking. Walking the dog, walking on the treadmill while on my computer, hiking up a mountain. Oxygen helps the ideas flow. Added benefit -- less self-loathing as a result of exercise-induced endorphins. It's been quite a journey.

So, what would the world come to with a bunch of writers who don't hate themselves?

Join me in 2014 and let's find out!


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Where I'll be this week...

It's fall, so lots of stuff is goin' down -- and I'm not just talkin' leaves, man. Literary events abound, and if you want to connect in person, here's where I'll be in the next little while:

From North Van City librarian Heidi Schiller:

North Shore Stories is back! This time, we are featuring storytellers from the North Shore Storytelling Project, who will share their experiences as immigrants and/or refugees, on Friday, Sept. 27th. For more info and to register, visit:

I'll be emceeing this event as my alter-ego, the North Shore Culture Days Ninja writer. It'll be fun -- come out and share your story!

Sunday, September 29th I'll be down at Library Square in downtown Vancouver for the whole day. [It's supposed to rain, so come keep me company, okay?] I'll be hanging out at the SiWC booth, hopefully tucked under the overhanging walls of the library, and later in the afternoon I'll be emceeing again, this time in the Kids Tent for writers from 4 'til 5 pm. 

That same day, I'll be appearing [in absentia, but my books will be there!] at the Lions Bay Culture Days event down at Lions Bay Beach Park.

As I said, lots going down. Hoping it's not only raindrops -- see you there!


More soon...