So, today, one of my readers received a copy of one of my books in the mail. This, while generally a reason for me to celebrate [I love seeing my books in the wild!] was something pretty special.

You see, this reader has had a few setbacks lately, and had mentioned them briefly in a note on Facebook. This brief mention was noticed by another of my readers, who promptly connected with the first reader and made sure she had a copy of the new book winging her way.

My takeaway? Some people are just awesome.



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Audio Book!

Thrilled to announce that I've just signed a deal with Tantor Media to produce an audio book of FINDING FRASER!

I'm really excited about this. Tantor is an imprint of Recorded Books, which is the largest audio-book creator in the world.

This means FINDING FRASER will be available on audio book on-line, in stores and in libraries beginning THIS summer!

Anticipated release date is August 11th, which will fall right in the middle of my FINDING FRASER Summer Book Tour Extravaganza. 

The audio book will be narrated by the lovely Romy Nordlinger, who has wide experience in the field. She's an actor and independent theatre professional, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have her reading Emma's adventures out loud.

More details on the tour as they develop. Right now we are booking events in British Columbia and Alberta for July and August. Feel free to be in touch if you'd like me to swing by your local bookstore!

And finally, many thanks go out to all the readers who have embraced Emma and her wacky adventures -- FINDING FRASER has just passed 400 reviews on Amazon, and in addition to being an Amazon #1 Best-seller in Romantic Comedy, has also become a Kindle All-Star book!

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Heigh ho!

To celebrate a month since FINDING FRASER debuted on Amazon, and a week since the official paperback launch, we've opened a special new page on the website.

[If you haven't visited yet, this is Emma Sheridan's blog site, and a jumping off point for all things story-related.]

I've spent the past month talking with people on Facebook and Twitter; through my blog and on email, who have read the story and loved it. SO many readers relate to Emma's need to throw off the trappings of daily life and to run away in search of a fictional hero!

But you know what? Lots and lots of readers have already found their hero, and are eager to share their stories too. So, here's your chance!

Fraser Found is a place to share your stories of finding your own hero. And here's a little incentive for you. The wonderful romance writer CJ HUNT has donated a copy of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION to give to one of our contributors. So here's what we'll do... we'll put your name in the draw for the book and a collection of FINDING FRASER swag if you are among the first 100 contributors.

HERE is the page. Ready? Set? Go!!!

[And if you haven't found your own Fraser yet -- here's where you can find Emma and join her on her journey!]

I'm excited to read your stories! And, as always,


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Well, this baby is officially formally launched now, and WHAT a party it was! HUGE thanks to all Emma's fans who came out in droves to celebrate at the Wolf & Hound Pub in Vancouver, BC.

We filled the joint, and a good time was had by all.

Brilliantly emceed by writers Lee Edward Fodi and James McCann, it was an action-packed evening. A viciously competitive battle for Best Scottish Knitwear worn in June was won, in the end, by Ingrid Wray, ousting favourite Sarah Wethered by a cashmere thread.

Best fake Scottish brogue was taken by a surprise finisher -- Tyner Gillies -- who even managed to beat out a real Scot who had snuck into the competition.

And it was that very Scot, one Andrew Wray, who took the prize for Best Legs in a Kilt. [I'm told this was mostly because he informed the two emcees that they were actually wearing their own kilts on backwards...!]

Carrie & her divine cake. photo: Diane Haynes

Several door prizes were won, and every one of the competitors for 'Best Legs in a Kilt' went home with Scottish shortbread for such good sporting behaviour.

I lassoed some VERY good-natured revelers into doing a reading with me. It's a pivotal scene in the book, set in a bar, that I felt was too good an opportunity to lose... and they ROCKED it, despite never having read the scene before!

kc, Rob McDonald, Tyner Gillies and Camille Netherton

I signed a TON of books, and want to thank each and every person who came out to support this new novel. I could not have been more delighted by the rousing party!

Professional photographer Sandra Vander Schaaf spent the whole party on the run, taking great shots of the shenanigans. [You'll notice her watermark on all but one of the pix above...] If you'd like to see the full range of shots she took at the launch, click HERE. She normally charges $20/shot for her efforts, but is offering a special price of $10/shot if you'd like to keep one of these portrait-quality pictures for yourself.

Thank you to all who came out to the launch! And if you missed it? There will still be a chance to get your book signed in person. The FINDING FRASER Cross-Canada Tour is still in the planning stages, but will be coming soon to cause chaos in a bookstore near you. Watch this space for details!


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Hitting the road...

First I need to say thank you.

To everyone who has taken Emma's adventures in FINDING FRASER into your homes and hearts [and Kindles!], thank you!

An Amazon #1 Bestseller in Romantic Comedy! And in its third week still in the top 10!

Watching this book take off has been such an exciting process for me, a thrilling ride I'm SO not ready to let go of yet.

Unlike any of the past several summers,  I don't have an immediate research destination booked [tho' going back to Iceland is On The Radar], so, I've decided to hit the road in another direction and take Emma to a place she's never been ... across Canada!

Here's where I find myself asking for YOUR help.

If you haven't cracked the cover of FINDING FRASER just yet, you might not know that's it's a perfect summertime read. But don't just take my word for it. Have a look at just a few of the more than 200 reviews on Amazon...


"Fun Read! Fun, laugh out loud book. I will definitely be reading more by this author. If you are a fan of the Outlander series be sure and read Emma's quest to finding her own Fraser." NellyMac, June 2

"Great Fun! The journey Emma takes is funny, poignant, and left me with a yearning to spend months in Scotland. Bravo kc dyer! I thoroughly enjoyed this trip!" Denise Scopetta, June 2

"Humorous Read! The same way she stumbles through life, Emma stumbles through Scotland determined to find a modern day Jamie Fraser. Fleeing the shambles of her crumbled life (cheating boyfriend and lost job) she sets off on her own to put her life back on track. However before she even gets out of the country her impulsive decision making and naive trust in everyone, lead her astray. While she's suffering you're laughing. Sit back and enjoy a trek through bonnie Scotland and meet some very endearing folk." A.L Noe, June 1

"A fun romp through the Highlands! I rated this book 5 stars because it was a thoroughly enjoyable escape. I could imagine myself or any one of my friends getting wrapped up in a story like Outlander an running off on an adventure just like Emma. I knew who Emma's highlander would be, but it was awfully sweet how they came together. I'll be looking for more kc dyer books for my summer reads shelf." 39andholding, June 1

"Highly Recommend! Refreshingly brave story of dissatisfied woman taking a bold leap out of the responsible rut of her life. Thoroughly enjoyed her journey." Jennifer Collins, May 31 

"Hilarious! Laugh-out-loud funny!!!! I haven't truly enjoyed reading a book this much in a LONG time. Touching, brutally awkward moments, but always with a lightness of spirit. You will not be disappointed in this story of discovery, adventure, and ultimately settling into one's own self." Meagan Pierce, May 31

Okay, you get the idea. It's not Tolstoy -- but FINDING FRASER was incredibly fun to write, and it's been hugely gratifying to read hundreds of wonderful reviews from happy readers.

SO... I need your help! Can you recommend a bookstore -- your favourite bookstore, of course -- that might be a good venue for hosting a signing this summer? My plan is to get as far across this country as I can, and still make it back to meet my daughter and her boyfriend when they arrive for a visit in late August. Since I conveniently live on the left coast, I'll hit half the stores on my way east and the other half on my way back home. And if you'd like to meet me along the way, and participate in the Faux Scottish Fun that a FINDING FRASER signing entails, then let me know who to contact, and we'll see if we can make it happen!

The official launch of the book is in less than two weeks, and I'm planning to use that as a testing ground for much FINDING FRASER foolishness. We're having a contest to find 'The Best Legs in a Kilt, 'The Best Fake Scottish Brogue', 'The Best Scots Knit-wear Worn in June' and more. There's going to be a live-staged reading, door prizes and many signing shenanigans. I can't wait! And after that... I'm going to take it all on the road and bring it to you!

So please -- send me your fave bookstore locations! Add 'em in a comment to this blog post. Email them to me at Fire 'em at me on Facebook. Toss 'em in my direction on Twitter. [Even better -- GO to your favourite bookstore and pitch them on the idea before I do!]

Let's make the 'FINDING FRASER Cross Canada Tour' a reality!

When I get this thing more organized, I'll definitely be posting the various stops here. But there are only so many places a girl can sign books in a month, even if she rally-drives a Jeep  the way I do -- so get your ideas in fast, okay? I'm so excited to bring Emma's madcap adventures to you that... well, I'm willing to go on a madcap adventure of my own to do it.

Join me?


More soon...