Before I begin, please allow me to say...


...for keeping FINDING FRASER in the Top FIVE of Amazon Romantic comedies ever since it was released.

I am SO thrilled and honoured and humbled and freaked out by this whole experience.

And NOW, the paperback is available on Really! You can find it right HERE.


I have a special plan in place to celebrate this event, but I'm saving that for the next post, okay?

Thank you!

So, let's share the love here, shall we? In all the crazy, I forgot to announce the winner of E.E. Cooper's new book VANISHED, and of course we need to have a winner for Linda Grimes's new book THE BIG FIX.

SO much good reading to be had, yes? Let's start with VANISHED...


For sweetly spreading the word on social media about this MYSTERIOUS, MARVELLOUS story, the winner is...



Sarah Meral!

Congratulations, Sarah!

You can contact E.E.Cooper at and arrange to get your prize.


If you didn't win a copy tonight, don't worry -- you can find it right HERE!




And since it's a prize-givin' sort of evening, how 'bout one more?

This one is for Linda Grimes's new novel THE BIG FIX.

Ciel Halligan is back for her third madcap adventure, and one lovely reader who spread the word on social media is about to be rewarded for it with a HIGHlarious read.


And the winner is...


Laura Scott!


Congratulations, Laura! You can read Linda Grimes at

For the rest of us THE BIG FIX is in bookstores everywhere and also HERE on Amazon!


Thanks so much to both authors extraordinaire E.E.Cooper and Linda Grimes for sharing the joy of their new books with us!

Stay tuned -- there's a new giveaway coming this week. And this time, we'll all be FALLING FOR ALICE!


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Fixin' up BIG! An interview with author Linda Grimes

Your patience during the craziness of this last week has been rewarded, as today in the chaotic insanity of kc dyer central, we are featuring a shot at the give-away of a marvellous new book!

Author Linda Grimes has made her mark in the last few years as a novelist with a tremendous sense of fun. Just scroll down this post and look at that smile! Doesn't it contain all kinds of naughty? If it weren't for the continent between us, I would have spent a lot of time in her company, but as it is, we've had to be friends from afar. I'm so delighted to share her new book with you today.

Linda's first book IN A FIX was brought to us by TOR publishing, and introduced Ciel Helligan, an aura-borrowing beauty who will steal your heart as fast as your wallet. Linda followed that one up with QUICK FIX, the fun-filled sequel. And now to complete the big three, Ciel's back with THE BIG FIX, in which Ciel continues to use her chameleon-esque abilities to help out her clients. Bring on the fun!

 kc:   Let's start with Ciel, the star of the 'In A Fix' series. How do you pronounce her name? [I'm working on a series where the protag's name is Ceilidh -- rhymes with Daily, dontcha know -- so I get the question a lot myself.] And how much fun is it to write such a cool character?

LG:   Ciel is pronounced like the animal—seal. Unless you're giving it the French pronunciation, in which case it's "see-ell." But my character has Americanized it, and "seal" is how it's pronounced in the audio books. And I'm glad you think Ciel is cool! She's a blast to write, that's for sure. Really keeps me on my toes.

kc:   She's on HER toes a lot, too! Did you have an inspiration for Ciel? Where did she come from?

LG:   Ciel popped into my head when I saw the name on a vanity license plate while taking my son back to college after a break. First I just thought, what a cool name! Then, by the time I got back home, she had taken up residence in my head and wouldn't stop talking to me. (That's not as crazy as it sounds. Or maybe it is. In my experience, writers do tend to skew toward the wack-a-doo end of the spectrum. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.) When she told me about her special ability, I thought, hmm…this sounds like it could be a book. Turns out it was a whole series. 

kc:  I'm so glad it is! Care to explain the conceit behind the borrowing of auras? How does Ciel manage this little bit of magic?

LG:   Here, I'll let Ciel explain it: "My job is made possible by a genetic quirk that allows me to adapt my aura into an exact copy of another person's. No, it's not shape-shifting, which is a crock, by the way. Give me a break. Shape-shifting on a biomolecular level? Directed cell morphology—the actual physical changing of tissue—takes time, and lots of it. It wouldn't be practical. Aura adaptors deal in energy. Much faster…" (from In a Fix)

So, basically, it's a mutation in her DNA. All living things emit energy. It's just that most of us haven't inherited the ability to alter it, the way Ciel and other aura adaptors have.

 kc:    Ha! I love it. So, what are YOU reading right now? Do you have a favourite genre to read -- or write -- in?

LG:   Honestly? (And I swear I'm not just saying this to suck up.) I downloaded FINDING FRASER and I can already tell it going to be just my cup of spiked tea.

I read every genre imaginable, but I have to admit I'm partial to mysteries and romances, especially when there's a touch (or a hefty dose) of humor involved.

As for writing, I'm drawn to humorous (apparently I'm a smartass) with a paranormal twist. But I can get serious on occasion. I haven't had anything dark and heavy published yet, but who knows what the future might hold? Perhaps a badder, murkier Linda. Bwah-ha-hah! (Okay, yeah, I couldn't quite type that with a straight face. My dark side might need some work.)

 kc:   Dark side? Who needs it when we can enjoy your -- what did you call it? -- your wack-a-doo! Anyway, can you tell us how the process of writing a series has been for you? Do you plan ahead or are you a seat-of-the-pantser? And where do you plan to go next? Can you give us a hint of what's to come?

LG:    I'm loving writing the series! Frankly, a whole lot more than I thought I would when I first realized there was going to be more than one book. It's been great fun following these characters through more than one adventure, getting to know them better over time. They do keep startling me, which is essential for me as a writer. If I'm not being surprised by my characters, I find it's way too easy to get distracted by other things, important things, like doing laundry or rearranging my underwear drawer.

At first I was a total pantser. I trailed after Ciel in my head, and typed whatever she—fueled by my way-too-fertile imagination—told me to. As I get further into the series, I find a bit more planning can prevent headaches down the line come editing time, but I always try to leave room for happenstance. (See above with regard to surprises. Unexpected scenes are the best!)

Right now I'm waiting for my editorial letter on book four (ALL FIXED UP), which is the next one out. (Not sure of the exact release date yet. More than likely about a year from now.) That's the last Ciel Halligan book I currently have under contract, but I do have a few other things simmering in the back of my mind—a fluffy contemporary rom-com, a high-stakes thriller, and a paranormal suspense, all starting to demand some attention. We'll see which one wins out.

kc:   Oh, man -- I can't wait to see what does! So, I've been talking to Indie and hybrid authors lately. Can you tell me a bit about working with Tor? What's your favourite part of the publication process -- apart from writing the book, of course!

LG:   It's been a good experience working with Tor. My editor is fantastic—I think she loves Ciel and the crew as much as I do, and really gets the characters. I like the partnership aspect of having someone on my side who is invested in making my books the best they can be.

That said, I haven't ruled out going hybrid someday. I have some writer buddies who've done well on that route to publication. Honestly, it's an exciting time to be a writer—so many new opportunities are now available to those willing to work hard to make their publishing dreams come true.

My favorite part of the process? Darn. You already preempted what I was going to say. I'm such a nerd. I'd rather hole up in my writing cave and play in my fictive worlds than do anything else. Hmm. I know! How about editing? Rewriting is almost as much fun as writing something in the first place. More, sometimes.

You didn't ask, but if you want to know my least favorite part, it's the waiting. (This is probably more of a problem for traditionally published authors than indie authors, who have more control over when things get done.) There are loooong stretches of waiting, punctuated by everything happening at once. Which can get your heart racing at times, and not in the good, wow-that's-a-hot-guy kind of way. But the main thing is getting the books out there and connecting with readers, because, to me, a book isn't complete without that communication. It's like baking a cake. You can mix together all the ingredients, but until you bake it in the oven (i.e., let people read it), it's not done.

kc:   Hmmm. Great analogy. So, do you have a preferred format for your books? E-book vs paperback?

Not really. I love all the formats. Whatever suits the individual reader is good for me. That said, THE BIG FIX is my first to come out in hardcover, which is kind of exciting.

For reading, nowadays I absolutely adore my Kindle. It's so light! This comes in really handy when you're trying to read, say, one of Diana Gabaldon's books in bed. Drop one of those on your head and you might give yourself a concussion. Plus, you can change the font size on an e-reader, as well as carry hundreds of books with you when you travel, which I love.

kc:   What's your favourite review one of your stories has received?

LG:   There's one I remember because it made me laugh so much. It was on Goodreads, a 5-star review of IN A FIX. All it said was "An awesome read. I'm surprised." Surprised? Still makes me giggle.

kc:   Hahhaha! That is kinda funny. But nice, too. Surprised in a GOOD way, right?  How about you? Can you name a favourite author?

LG:   Well, if there's anyone left out there who hasn't read Diana Gabaldon yet, I say hie thee to a bookstore and get OUTLANDER asap. That's my go-to rec for anyone who asks, because it covers just about every genre you could possibly want. For people who are terrified of "big books" (yes, they actually exist *grin*), and prefer a quicker diversion, I have a lot of fun with Kristan Higgins (humorous and moving romances), Harlan Coben (edge-of-your-seat mystery/suspense), and Vicki Pettersson (who rocks UF, paranormal romance, and now even thrillers with her soon-to-be-released SWERVE).

kc:   Oh, I am SO excited for SWERVE, I can't tell you. I LOVE Vicki Pettersson's books. I think maybe we share the same tastes, Linda, as FINDING FRASER is a wee bit of an homage to your other favourite author.  =)

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on THE BIG FIX and your writing life with us today, Linda Grimes! If you want to pick up THE BIG FIX, you can find it right HERE.

Here's Linda's bio:  

Linda grew up in Texas, where she rode horses, embarrassed herself onstage a lot, and taught teenagers they'd have to learn the rules of English before they could get away with breaking them for creativity's sake. She currently resides in Virginia with her husband, whom she snagged after he saw her in a musical number at the now defunct Melodrama Theater in San Antonio. There's nothing like a rousing chorus of "If You Wanna Catch a Fish You Gotta Wiggle Your Bait" to hook a man for a lifetime. Grimes is the author of IN A FIX, QUICK FIX  and THE BIG FIX.

If you'd like to find out more about Linda Grimes, you can find her HERE.

And here's the fun part! Want a chance to win a copy of THE BIG FIX? Just share this post on your Facebook page or retweet it on Twitter. On Monday, I'll announce a winner!

Thanks again, Linda for joining me today. And best of luck with your edits on ALL FIXED UP. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

More soon...









24 hours of CRAZY -- and a few Questions Answered.

A little Reinhardt to start...


You know, I've been blogging about the whole experience of producing FINDING FRASER here from the beginning. It's been -- by turns -- scary, hard, FUN, confusing and exhilerating. But I have to say -- the last 24 hours have been the CRAZIEST of my life.

I have SO many people to thank, it's hard to know where to start. I'm going to do a proper job of this in my next post, but for tonight, I just want to thank my friend Diana Gabaldon for giving this book a sweet shout-out on Facebook yesterday [thereby creating a small atomic wave of book sales!] and YOU for your support.

Readers have flocked to this story and embraced Emma to their hearts. In the past day I have had more people than I can count tell me they stayed up WAY to late to see where Emma's adventures took them, and I could not be more delighted.[Sorry about those eye-bags, tho...]

So, thank you, THANK YOU, for sharing your love of FINDING FRASER with me! And in return, I feel I owe you a few answers to the questions I am hearing today. Here's my best shot at them, but if I miss anything, let me know in the comments and I'll chime in again later.

Okay, here goes...

1. Is FINDING FRASER only on Kindle?

Nope. For now, you can buy the book both as a trade paperback and in Kindle format through Amazon. Later in the summer, it will be available in as many other digital formats as I can muster, including audio! Right now we are working on getting it into bookstores near you, too, as soon as we can. But if you are stuck and can't find a copy, email me at and we'll talk! [I might have mentioned this before, but the paperback is BEAUTIFUL, and you get the benefit of the full, wrap-around cover!]

2. Can I get FINDING FRASER for my Nook?

Not yet. Later this summer, for sure. If you have a computer, you can load a Kindle app for free. Or... buy the paperback!

3. So, hey -- is this story some kind of OUTLANDER Fan Fiction?

Nope and nope again, sez I! I have no objection to Fan Fiction in principle, but I do not write it. This is a story about a girl in love with a character in a book -- someone with whom OUTLANDER FANS may well be familiar! -- and the lengths she'll go to find her own Fraser. And when I finished the first draft of it, the VERY first person to read it was Diana herself. You can read what Diana thinks about fan fiction on the front page of her website. <g>

4. Where can I find out more about Emma?

If you've read the story, you'll know Emma's got her own blog at And you know what? She does! Go check it out. You can see pictures from her travels, order copies of the books and get a glimpse into her world. We're still adding new photos every day, and there'll be other treats in store soon!

5. How can I spread the word about FINDING FRASER?

Well, thank you for asking! I'd love if you tell your friends in person, on Facebook -- wherever you keep 'em! -- about the story, and I would ESPECIALLY love it if you would take the time to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews are a great way to share your thoughts and connect with other readers who feel the same way. Plus -- I LOVE reading what you think about the story.

I think I'll stop there for now. Just let me finish by saying, in the last 24 hours, FINDING FRASER has gone from a labour of love to a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. For that I have YOU to thank, and I am thrilled beyond measure to do so.

Thank you.


More soon...






It's HERE!

Holy crow.


It is a sign of how excited I am that I took this picture WITHOUT EVEN BRUSHING MY HAIR.


Okay, shut up. I know I never brush my hair.


But I am still SO excited!

The new book is here and BEAUTIFUL. I am so, so happy with it. Thrilled.

Now, from what I can see, there are a lot of people out there who identify with Emma Sheridan, the protagonist of this story. Loads of people have pre-ordered the ebook, and that has also thrilled me.

But can I just say? The trade paperback version is just so, so lovely. It smells good. It feels good. It's got a great picture on the cover! And as of tonight? You can order it, too!

[Just pausing for an editorial moment here to note that I have no fiscal incentive to push the paperback over the ebook. I actually make more money per copy from the digital version. The paperback nets me around a dollar a copy. To be perfectly clear.]

I know most people inhabit a more sensible world than I do when it comes to books. There is not a flat surface in my house that doesn't have books piled on it. So I get the whole appeal of digital stories. But this book -- oh, man, I am happy to hold it in my hand!

Anyway. I'll stop now. Lots more cool stuff coming soon -- scavenger hunts and blog tours and a whole brand new website [or two!] to share. But as of right now, you can order FINDING FRASER online in its sleek digital version, and within a day or so, you'll also be able to order book-addict-appealing trade paperback version. And I couldn't wait another minute to share!


More soon...





VANISHED... by E.E. Cooper

Well, well, well...

I have a bit of a mystery for you, this fine evening. A new book -- a MARVELLOUS book -- by someone... someone who goes by the name of E.E. Cooper.

More on that, later.

First -- here is the cover.

Gorgeous, eh?

And I LOVE the tag line:

"Keep your friends close..."


Consider yourself very lucky, because just today I managed to snag an interview with E. E. Cooper that I plan to share with you right now. And after? There MAY just be a give-away.

Shall we begin?

kc:   Let's start with Kalah, the star of VANISHED. How did you get inside her head to tell this story?

EEC:  Kalah and I are very different people.  She’s half Indian, half French, she has an anxiety disorder and she thinks she might be in love with one of her best friends. This required me to do a lot of research and talking to others because I didn’t have a ton of personal experience.  It was important to me to get the details right and not make her any kind of stereotype.  I was lucky enough to get a lot of input from people and I came to adore her even more for her complexity.  It was also interesting as her character developed to realize even though she and I were so different- there was also a lot we had in common.


kc:   VANISHED is a very twisty mystery. Can you talk about the plotting of it a bit? Did you know where you were going with this story when you began, or did it unfold more gradually? 

EEC:  There were a few moments where I was pretty sure this story was going to drive me insane. Those who know me may argue that it didn’t have far to drive.  I knew aspects of the story when I started and I spent a fair bit of time outlining it.  I thought I had it all figured out.  (feel free to laugh here) Then I started writing. This book went through several revisions and I was lucky enough to work with a great editor who kept pushing me to make it more complex and not go for an easy answer.  My office started to look like a scene from A Beautiful Mind. There were index cards taped to the wall, various things highlighted, Post-it notes sprinkled around and I would pace back and forth waiting for “a-ha” moments.


kc:   I think you found them, too! What's the toughest part of writing a mystery for the YA audience? What did you like best about the process? 

EEC: I am not sure if writing a mystery for the YA audience is different than an adult audience- both want a story that is layered, not easy to figure out and satisfying when they’re finished. I love writing for the YA audience- they’re demanding. They read a lot so they know what they like and what they don’t. 


kc:   I know that for a fact. YA readers are the BEST. So, in doing my research I've found you've had some really awesome reviews for this story. One I read said: "Come for the girls kissing, stay for the mystery". Care to share a favourite? 

EEC: Thank you so much!  Reviews are nerve wracking. I tell myself that I don’t care- but that’s a fat lie.  The one that made me run around the house in circles (with my dog running after me wondering what the heck was going on) was the one by School Library Journal. 

They said:  This novel tackles themes of friendship, deception, obsession, and love....With early hints of John Green's PAPER TOWNS that slowly morph into Gillian Flynn's GONE GIRL.”   Any comparison to John Green and Gillian Flynn was enough to make me lose my mind.

kc:   And rightly so -- how wonderful is that? So, what are YOU reading right now? Do you have a favourite genre to read -- or write -- in?

EEC:  I suspect it’s not a shock to discover that I am a huge reader.  I love a bit of everything- but psychological thrillers are a favorite.  I find people fascinating and how the respond when situations turn dark is always something that will keep me reading just one more chapter.  I recently finished COMPLICIT by Stephanie Kuehn which has a great twist.  In a totally different vein I plan to crack open MAKING PRETTY by Corey Ann Haydu which just came out.  I love her books so am excited for this one.

kc:   You're a bit of a mystery yourself, E.E. Cooper, as anyone who has scoped out your website can attest. What can you tell us about who you are? 

EEC: Is it weird that I am thrilled that someone thinks I’m a mystery? My real life is actually very average so I like the idea of people assuming that I have a secret life where I’m married to spy, possibly spent some time in jail for an undisclosed crime, and have a pet shark.  The truth is I live in Vancouver with my husband and our very naughty dog where my high risk activities include things like reading on the patio, walking the dog and spending entirely too much money or random craft projects that never turn out the way I expected.

kc: Ah. Well, your very reticence deepens the mystery, to my mind. However, I do have a possible solution, which I will save to the VERY end of this post...

Meanwhile, can you tell me if VANISHED is going to carry on as a series? If so, can you give us a hint of what's to come next?

EEC: As I type this  I am brainstorming (could be ignoring) edits on the second book in the series that I just received from my editor.  I’m really excited with the direction the series is taken- what I can tell you is that Kalah isn’t going to sit back and accept what happened in book one- but the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

kc:   Well, that seems a perfect note to end on. Thank you, E.E. Cooper, for sharing your new story with us today!

And now, back to you, dear reader. Interested in getting your hands on VANISHED? Here's how you can win a copy! Put a link for this blog post up on Facebook or Twitter and on Thursday night? I'll go through the links, put names in the hat of the linkees, and pick one! And while you're on twitter, why not follow @EECooperBooks?

Now, I made a promise earlier on in this post. If you live in the Vancouver area, you can solve two problems in one this very Sunday [May 17, 2015], as E.E. Cooper will be appearing LIVE in North Vancouver, at the Chapters-Indigo on Marine Drive, from 2-3 pm. You can pick up a copy of the book, have it signed by its mysterious and oh-lo-lovely author and solve the mystery of E.E. Cooper once and for all for yourself!

If you don't live nearby, give this post a shout-out and take a chance at winning a copy of VANISHED. Or you can buy a copy right now HERE on or HERE on

I know we'll be hearing more from both E.E. Cooper and Kalah in the future!


More soon...