Audreys Books

Had a great adventure in Edmonton, visiting Audrey's books and generally soaking up the city.

A shout-out to the more Northern branch of the AB-ootlanders, some of whom came out to meet and chat at my event on Thursday night.

Lovely to meet you all and talk books for a few hours!

I haven't been in this lovely city for a while, but have had a lot of fun exploring on this visit.

River ravine trails for running, amazing markets and bustling city squares -- Edmonton's got it all.

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Last stop in Alberta will be in Jasper. Emma, the kilted mummy and I will be spending this sunny Sunday on the green of the Heritage Fire House.

See you there?

To finish, a couple of quintessential shots from Edmonton streets. Enjoy!

Curling stone this way...

Edmonton TrailGlenn Gould in a tree


More soon, from Jasper...!






FINDING FRASER hits the airwaves in Alberta...

It's been a GREAT trip through Alberta so far.

First stop was with the CTV morning show in Calgary, where I was interviewed by the appropriately-named [but unkilted!] Bill Macfarlane.

This is a shot of my travelling companion, the Kilt-Wearing Mummy, awaiting his big moment backstage at CTV.

The crew at this show were big Outlander fans, as you can see from some of the footage... 

[Not sure it made it to air, but Bill confessed to not only wearing a kilt now and then, but owning one. Needless to say, very disappointing that he didn't remember to dress the part. However, he told me he has to get up for work at 2:30 in the morning, so I guess I can't really blame him...!]

Next, at a VERY busy signing at Signal Hill Indigo, I had the delightful experience of meeting a number of the @AB-Ootlanders -- Alberta's premier Outlander Fanclub, of course! -- who decended en masse into the bookstore and TOTALLY made my day. They are reading FINDING FRASER for their August bookclub meeting, and I could not be more honoured. So, Lee, Ingrid, Karen and Lara -- thanks for coming out to see me! [I am hoping to meet a few more AB-Ootlander members of the Northern variety when I have my event at Audrey's Books on Thursday night.] Thanks also to all my friends and family who came out. It was great to see writers Trish Loye Eliot and Leanne Shirtliff, too, out celebrating Trish's birthday.

A big thank you goes out to event planner Stacy Kondla and store manager Chelsea Amberson for combining to make this Indigo Signal Hill event such a huge success!

Yesterday, FF [and our kilt-wearing mummy] hit the airwaves again, this time on CTV's noon show. Another really fun interview with Marni Kuhlmann -- you can see it HERE.

I'm a little worried all the attention is going to the mummy's head. Since his legs are bound together, he never wins the competition for Best Legs, so this new TV stardom gives him a chance to shine...

Two more events lined up in Alberta before I head west again -- tomorrow night at Audrey's Books in Edmonton, and then a Sunday afternoon on the green this weekend in Jasper. Can't wait!

Before I finish here, I just want to give a shout out to Rachel at Gal-Friday Publicity. I first met Rachel years ago at a reading she organized in Edmonton, and following in the great FINDING FRASER tradition of working with talented friends, she came onboard to help with this tour. And help she has -- most of the media connections I have made have come through Rachel and her hard-working team. So thanks for being my personal Gal Friday on this crazy jaunt, Rachel!


More soon...





You Otter Be Reading...


But hey -- had SUCH a great time meeting the lovely Samara and other readers at Otter Books in Nelson. I mean -- it seriously was the BEST. And anyone who builds a window like this one... ACES in my opinion.

Samara created a magical atmosphere, [naughty] readings were held, books were sold and So. Much. Fun. Was. Had. 

Top it off with a good natured Kilt-wearing man, who posed [complete with flip-flops] for this shot:

...and you KNOW it was a blast.

Thank you Samara for being the cutest kilt-wearing bookstore host EVER!

[Samara is on the left of this collection of kilt-wearing beauties...]

After Nelson, I took a trip to Radium BC, and there with the blessing of Radium Public Library's head librarian Jane Jones, I met up with a group of young writers by Skype, from their location in Surrey Public Library. Technology bringing writers together! If you have a young writer in the neighbourhood who would like to join in, you can contact Carmen Merrells at Surrey Public Library -- those kids are ready to wrestle the written word into submission!

The FINDING FRASER Book Tour Extravaganza continues tomorrow morning with a gawdawfulearly [7:15 am!] appearance on the CTV morning breakfast show in Calgary. Then from 11 am until 4 pm, I'll be at the Signal Hill Indigo in Southwest Calgary, signing books and telling stories. As always, wear your kilt or knitwear and win a chance at a prize!

Come join me...?


More soon...




Tender Pender [Island]

A loverly time was had at the wonderful Talisman Books & Gallery on Pender Island. Though I was there for FINDING FRASER, of course, I had a big group of kids [local, and from the UK] come to hear a reading. Since it was so hot, I gave them a taste of Darby's first adventure from A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW, where she ends up watching the very first peoples come to Canada via the land bridge once known as Beringia.

Chilly fun!

Bookstore owner Melanie was terrific and made me feel very welcome, as did the wonderfully warm Glenys Powell and her husband Wynne, who have had a place on Pender forever. They came to meet me at the store, bought me lunch, and Glenys even dropped by later to help drum up sales for me.I'm so lucky to have such lovely friends!

[Glenys IS indirectly responsible for FINDING FRASER, actually, as it was her daughter -- the lovely writer Kathy Kenzie -- who laughed when I told her the idea I had for the story originally....]

Anyway, I am left with warm memories of Pender Island as I head off to the next stop on the FINDING FRASER Book Tour Extravaganza -- Nelson BC, and Otter Books.

I'll be there Friday night, and I've already told book seller Samara that we are going to have a rollicking time!

Also? On this leg of the journey, I'll have some company. People have been asking to see THE kilt from the cover of the book. When it's at home, here's where the kilt can be found:

I'm thinking a mummy in the front seat might mean -- HOV lane possibilities?

See you soon, Nelson!



PS Sarah, your hand-knitted hat is coming on tour with us, too!


FRASER crosses the water

Powell River is up next, at the marvellous Breakwater Books. Sean and Ruth are eclectic owners -- they run the bookstore...and have a farm on the side. But most importantly?



It's crazy.




Had a great time with the Breakwater folks and those who came by to pick up a book. Including this gentleman...


Now, I've sold a bunch of books already, but this man...this man is the FIRST James Fraser I have signed a book for.

Clearly -- he was in the mood to celebrate!


I made sure his wife walked away with a 'Found My Fraser' pin!

So, the visit to Powell River was a demonstration of kindness from first to last. Sean offered to collect me from the ferry, meaning I could save the money it would cost to bring my Jeep over, and just pay the walk-on fee. Then he plied me with tea and fudge and offered goodies from his cafe. I chatted with writers and farmers and tourists while selling books, and then Sean drove me back to the ferry when it was time.

Except it turned out it wasn't time. I'd forgotten it was Saturday, and the ferry I was planning to take was off the schedule. But one of the BC Ferry workers kindly offered shelter for my books and giant poster, so I hiked back into town to find a place to work. And after asking directions from Debbie -- a stranger I met on the street -- she bought me a cold drink and drove me to the nearest Tim Horten's so I could avail myself of the wifi.

Kindness at every turn!

Thanks again to Debbie for rescuing me, to Breakwater Books for hosting me, and to all the lovely readers -- including Mr & Mrs. James Fraser! -- who bought my books.

Next stop -- Pender Island!


More soon...