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Under Construction...

Hello! A belated welcome to 2023. The sun is beaming through the window on me as I type this, which is leading me to feel fairly optimistic, for a January day. In that spirit, I send the best of all good wishes to you for the new year. Here's to many hours of excellent reading, yes?

As for myself, I have to admit to being almost completely absent from social media lately, at least with regard to my books. I'm going to talk more about this in my newsletter this month. (Have you subscribed yet? If not, I'd love it if you would! You'll find the link at the bottom of this page.) The short version is, I've been under construction -- in more ways than one.


My office has been, for the past few years, the residence of choice for my old boy Silas. He had his comfy chair and his rug and all his stuff there, for when he no longer felt like bothering to take the stairs. When he left us last year, I began clearing out the space, making it useable as an office for me again. Of course it will still be dog friendly with my current boys Tyr and Puck definitely making their collective presence known, but I've taken it down to the bare bones and am in the process of giving it a makeover.

I'll post some pix of the process as it kicks into gear, but essentially, that's construction project #1.

The BIG new job I've taken on is to start up a news site for the wee village I live in, and the surrounding area. Many years ago I published the local newspaper for almost a decade. It was called The Seagull, and was a labour of love that I put out eleven times a year. I had to give it up when the rest of my life took over, but I've missed playing in that sandbox ever since.

My new effort is called The Watershed. You can take a peek at it here, if you like! I'm hoping that eventually this particular endeavour will be able to sustain itself, and me, and therefore justify the time it takes to put out clear, balanced journalism on a teeny tiny scale. My part of the world is very beautiful, and there's lots going on that goes seriously under-reported. The goal of The Watershed is to cover news and events from the local area, celebrating the good news stories, casting an eye on elected representatives at all government levels, and addressing some of the tough questions that come along with being citizens of this planet. So far, I'm having a lot of fun!

And finally, I am in the throes of reconstructing a story that's very dear to my heart. I was hoping to get it back to my agent before Christmas, but with all the building going on around here -- well, things have been a little slower than I had hoped. Soon!

Have you got any new projects planned for the new year? Feel free to share in the comments below -- I'd love to hear!

More soon,



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