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A Peek at Paris

Adieu to Asia! I’m so sad to leave — I’ve had the most amazing time. This next section of my trip accelerates considerably, as I rocket through Europe. I’m not stopping anywhere longer than two nights, so I have to cram as much seeing and experiencing as I can into every stop.

With only a day here, my sojourne in Paris is très bref, but I am making maximum use of my time. I’ve walked more than 17 km through the city, enjoying every spectacle grande.

I do admit to feeling a bit of culture shock when taking this shot of l’Arc de Triomphe the day after I had been shooting pix of the Gateway to India in Mumbai.

I’ve been to Paris before, but it was a long time ago, and for some reason I am enjoying it so much more this time. The metro is marvellous and has saved my aching feet, and all the French lessons I took last year when I broke my leg have proven useful.

No one has mistaken me for native, but one man answered me in Italian — which, okay, clearly my accent isn’t perfect, but it made me laugh.

My favouite element of this great city might be the expression-filled statuary.

This fella, prancing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, is going to be my new go-to when expressing shock on twitter. As in…

What have you done NOW, kc?

Or how about…

Not AGAIN, kc!

Not AGAIN, kc!

The details are always the best part. This peek down into the cellar of my b&b is a story in itself.

And crossing the Pont Neuf, it’s hard not to think about all these love stories…

Alas, for today, it is adieu to Paris. Time to head to slightly chillier climes [climbs?]

More soon…



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