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A Quick Reminder...

Just wanted to let you know that the June issue of my newsletter, kc kconnects, is going out TOMORROW, and this issue is a biggie. It's got the first, exclusive excerpt of EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE, plus a special offer for readers who pre-order the book -- FREE bookplates!

I'm also sharing three quick questions with award-winning Canadian SFF writer Robert J. Sawyer, AND giving away two copies of his new book, THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE to lucky subscribers.

Have YOU subscribed yet? All this, plus a call to action for our precious planet, and recommendations for comfort reading, watching and listening during these uncertain times. I'd love to share this newsletter with you -- just head down to the bottom of this page, or click HERE to subscribe.

And finally, if you're on Instagram, this week I'll be beginning a series of photographic sneak peeks into Romy's journey, leading up to the launch of EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE in August. Join me on Insta by clicking HERE.

More soon...



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