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EIGHTY DAYS is almost here!

THIS has been a crazy month. Lots happening behind the scenes here, and I have hardly lifted my fingers from the keyboard for the entire month of July. But August is here now, and with it comes my brand new book EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE, which will arrive August 11th. I've had quite a few nice pieces of news, so time to share!

Firstly, I am DELIGHTED to say that EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE has been selected as one of the Amazon 'Best Books of the Month' in Romance for August. You can see it HERE, along with the other choices, including such wonderful authors as Meg Cabot and Alexis Daria. Thrilled to be in such stunning company!

Though the book is not due out until the 11th, some reviews are starting to come in.

'dyer takes readers on a journey of self-discovery that spans several continents, engages with various cultures, and touches on urgent sociopolitical issues… A charming story detailing a woman’s self-discovery through travel.'

Library Journal says: “This inspired series launch from dyer (Finding Fraser) offers readers a journey around the world that is both entertaining and enlightening. Fans of new adult romance will enjoy watching Romy discover not only new landscapes but herself in the process.”

Publisher's Weekly calls the story a “delightful romp,” and writes, “dyer keeps readers engaged with scenic descriptions and a sweet, slow-burning love story.”

And my friend, the ever-generous Diana Gabaldon, says that EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE is: 'For anyone who’s ever longed to travel the world in search of adventure, love, security, danger, mystery—or themselves. A wild and wonderful journey in the company of the most engaging pilgrim since Phileas Fogg.'

WooHOOO! I'm so thrilled that readers are enjoying travelling along with Romy -- and Dom and Sumaya! -- on their crazy journey around the world.

Launching a new book in the Time of Covid is quite weird, so I'm not going to be able to celebrate with a big in-person launch party this time around. I'll be posting more details here and on twitter and FB, but the plan right now is to do a Facebook Live event with Berkley author Julia London on August 28th. We've both got new books out this month [and hers features love AND basset hounds!]

More details to come on that event, soon.

And if you're looking for something to read, I'd love if you'd pre-order Romy's story from Amazon or your fave local bookstore HERE.

The biggest thing that put the crazy into July for me was finishing the next book in this series. So, just as Ramona is about to embark on her trip around the world, I've got the next installment ready to move to the front burner. It's called AN ACCIDENTAL ODYSSEY, and it features a young food journalist chasing her dad around the Mediterranean as he retraces Odyesseus's famous journey home from the Trojan War. It's filled with travel and food and love -- and I'll have more details to give you, soon. [There's a sneak peek into the story at the end of EIGHTY DAYS, too!]

That's it for now, as it's time for me to get my newsletter ready to go out this week. [Thursday's the day!] If you haven't subscribed yet, check out the link below. This month's three questions are with the Glaswegian Queen of Crime herself, the one and only Dame Denise Mina! She's got a new book dropping this month, and I can NOT be more excited. We chat about things in the newsletter -- so if you want a chance to listen in and also to win a copy of her new book... hit that subscribe button below.

As always... more soon!



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1 Comment

Arlene Spencer
Aug 03, 2020

Received the book last month. Itis a wonderful story that takes you all over the world. So many wonderful twists and turns. I loved every word. Thank you Kc Dyer

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