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AN ACCIDENTAL ODYSSEY is officially launched!

It's finally here! Gia Kostas has set sail on the adventure of a lifetime -- chasing her [mostly crazy] dad around the Mediterranean, sampling every delicious dish she can get her hands on, and quite possibly...

...falling in love.

AN ACCIDENTAL ODYSSEY is available in a store near you, online and in audio. I do hope you'll join the adventure!

HUGE thanks go out to all the people on my team at Berkley Books [Yazmine, Jessica, Angela and my amazing editor Cindy Hwang]; and to my team at Bradford Lit -- my wonderful agents Laura Bradford and Taryn Fagerness; to Meg and all the folks in my life who choose to support me, even in this very questionable line of work. I am indebted to you all!

In case you missed it, HERE is a link to a taping of the one and only launch event -- a crazy fun conversation with my friend, the marvellous actor and even MORE marvellous writer, Meg Tilly. We talk books and process and memories and what the future holds.

It was a delightful conversation, and if you've ever had a chance to see Meg in action, you know it's not to be missed!

I know a few people had trouble with the live link -- thank you for trying to attend, and feel free to click the link if you still so choose!

And now, with a week to go before Christmas, I wish you all the most peaceful of holidays, joy and laughter when you want it, and stillness when you don't, and.above all, plenty of time to read.

Thank you for sharing your time with me! And as always,

...more soon!



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