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Having an audio book created from a novel you've written is a surreal experience. Listening to someone else read the story aloud evokes so many emotions -- amazement, joy, surprise and more. Speaking for myself, I also get a weird disconnect hearing someone else reading words I've only heard in my own head.


cover of AN ACCIDENTAL ODYSSEY audiobook

The truth is, I've been very lucky, and have been able to choose the narrators of all three of my audiobooks, and I'm so thrilled about and proud of the results.

An Accidental Odyssey is narrated by Akaina Ghosh, a young actor who hails from New York City, and they have done a tremendous job with this story.

Watch this space -- I've got a series of blog posts planned about audiobooks; talking with narrators, producers and even authors with tips on how they got their own stories out into the aural universe. SO cool!

In the meantime, you can order An Accidental Odyssey on audio HERE or from any retailer of audiobooks.

And thanks for listening!


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