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Audio Love #1: SLIP OF THE KNIFE by Denise Mina

earphone book

Now I know better.

I listen to audiobooks [and podcasts, still!] while driving, running the seawall and walking the dog. Also before I fall asleep.

So, let’s discuss the latest voices in my head, shall we?

I’m going to start by talking about the book I just finished this morning. I’ve been on a Denise Mina kick for the entire summer. I am seriously in love with her writing — her storytelling ability is wonderful, her capture of the life and language of Glasgow is sublime. I thought I couldn’t love a down-and-dirty Scots writer more than Irvine Welch, but Mina? Has won my heart.


This book was narrated by Jane MacFarlane, who does just a brilliant job. Loved the story, loved the reading. Highly recommend.

Have you listened to a good book lately? Please share!

More soon…

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