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Book review: Witchmark

This one is for magic-lovers.

WITCHMARK is set in an intricately imagined alternate universe that is rife with war, madness and mystery.

Magic is the perogative only of the nobility, and class conflict complicates the homefront, all while the country of Aeland is at war overseas. Something strange is happening to the returning soldiers and Miles Singer -- while trying to protect his chosen identity as a doctor -- is determined to discover the truth. An unexplained death, a slow-burning love affair and many, many secrets keep the reader turning pages.

WITCHMARK is the first in a trilogy, followed by STORMSONG AND SOULSTAR, and a more recent stand-alone novel THE MIDNIGHT BARGAIN. I featured author CL POLK in a blog post earlier this year, and this is the first chance I've had to read their work. It won't be the last!

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