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Diane and Peter

Hey, it’s been Plague Week here around kc dyer central, so the blogging’s been a bit scarce. Too busy coughing my lungs up into my hands… but that luscious imagery aside, all is well again and a bedtime story will be forthcoming this evening, as is the new normal.

In the meantime, though, a thought.

Wonderful writers Diane Duane* and Peter Morwood had their bank account completely cleaned out this week by a fraudster. The bank will replace the missing money once the investigation is complete, but in the meantime they have mouths to feed and bills to pay. If you are thinking you might spend some of your post-Christmas dough on an ebook, why not give one of their titles a try? My daughter has been a Young Wizard’s fan _forever_, so I think the ebook series would be perfect to add to her collection of paperbacks. Go have a look here if you’d like to help these writers through a tough time:

*Diane is a wildly prolific and inventive S/F/F author. In addition to the Young Wizard and a number of other original series, she’s written Star Trek books, Spiderman and X-men stories, comic books and more. Peter has written a whack of series of his own, and together they’ve written a ton of material for tv and movies.

More soon…



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