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Not eighty days long, thankfully, but here is a round-up of book blogs that read [and mostly loved!] EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE:

Hasty Book List says:

With her signature vibrant and hilarious voice, lauded in earlier works like Finding Fraser (2016), dyer succeeds in not only making Romy a character you can relate to and root for, but ...vividly sets the scene of each of the places Romy visits..."

A Bookish Way of Life says:

"Dyer has written a delightful story that will cheer you up on a rainy day... Love, love, loved Eighty Days to Elsewhere by K.C. Dyer!!"

Trapped Inside Stories answers all the book club questions at the end[!], and says:

"As the story proceeds, the settings change...each one more breathtaking than the last."

Booked All Night says:

"travel opens you up to so many things that are different, to new experiences and to new ways of seeing the same things, and I loved that you got to take that journey."

The Bookish Libra gives 5 great reasons you'll want to read the story, and says:

"I enjoyed Eighty Days to Elsewhere immensely and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining adventure."

A Jillion Books says:

"dyer's writing made me feel as if I was running through the streets of India, climbing the hillside in Hong Kong, and sailing the seas with them."

What Irin Reads says:

“The plot of the book was so intricately crafted by the author. It was filled with drama, humor and my favorite – bookish references!”

Audio Killed the Bookmark says:

“What a delight it was to travel around the world through the pages of this book.”

Diary of a Closet Reader says:

"I really enjoyed reading about the locals Romy & Dominic meet at each stop."

EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE [fittingly] pops up on Insta, too:

Spotlight Post: Trapped Inside Stories:

“This is one of the those books that will fill your heart and remind you how good it is to be alive.”

Review: Freckles Unabridged:

"This story has it all - love, adventure and even instagram pics!"

Review: Brianas Best Reads:

"Full of heart, emotion, love, and adventure, "Eighty Days to Elsewhere" is the trip you've been craving!"

Post: What Irin Reads:

"I loved being a part of her adventures."

Post: 3heartsandawish:

“A fun and entertaining read that will take you on quite the journey!”

Post: Areadingredhead:

"This book definitely has me wanting to break out my passport and go on an excursion."⠀

Post: Booksandbeaches:

"... perfect anyone looking to temporarily escape their little quarantine corner of the world."

Post: Twistsandtropes:

"I have always believed travel widens broadens horizons and gives a better understanding of how other people are living - and I think the author explores that well through Romy whose character starts off as quite insular but throughout her journey is forced to examine her many privileges.⁣"

A huge thank you to all the readers who have taken the time to review my new book! And if YOU have read the story, a review on Amazon or elsewhere online is the greatest gift you can give the author. I so hope you enjoy the journey with Romy and Dom and Sumaya!

More soon...


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