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Favourite Cookbooks?

Old and new

So, today, after a visit to the winter farmer’s market, I took the plunge and for the first time, made cabbage and leek soup. I’ve always side-eyed anything with cabbage in it — not so much that I don’t like the taste, but that I’ve never been convinced I’ve got the skill set to carry it off.

This has led me thinking about giving some non-fiction a bit of love here on the blog. I’ve added some new Noir to my TBR list from last week’s blog — what do you have to say on the subject of cookbooks? My favourite go-to cookbook is by the wonderful Jennifer Browne. It’s called Vegetarian Comfort Foods, and I just love the recipes she includes.

But this Christmas, at the aforementioned Farmer’s Market, I picked up a copy of ‘the plant-based Foodie Vancouver’ as a present for my sister. It’s a book that talks about the various plant-based restaurant options in my city, with sample recipes from all of them.

I lasted until this week before I bought myself a copy, too.

Kermit-approved recipe from 'the plant-based FOODIE Vancouver' book.

Kermit-approved recipe from ‘The plant-based FOODIE Vancouver’ book.

While it definitely has a whiff of ‘trendy’ to it, I have to say I’m dying to try most of the recipes, and the photography is simply gorgeous. And purchase of this book sends donations to community partners ‘Fresh to Families’ and ‘Animal Justice’, both worthy causes

So — help me out, here. Do you have an old, family favourite cookbook you’d like to share? Or what about something more recent? Help me load up my pantry shelf! [Oh, and by the way? My cabbage-leek soup turned out great!]

More soon…


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