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I Write Canadian [and #IReadCanadian, too...]

[Just a little pause here, to fly the #IReadCanadian flag for the day. My #BlackHistoryMonth celebration of BIPOC writers is still coming this afternoon, just a little later than usual!]

Six of my nine published books are aimed at teens and young adults, and I'm a huge proponent of hooking kids early on reading. [Proof of my success? My daughter just spent her recent pregnancy reading aloud to her bump. She's clearly learned the value of grabbing 'em early!]

In support of the wonderful #IReadCanadian initiative, I bring to you my own contribution -- with two features [and two creatures!] dear to my heart. The features are, first, writer Shelley Hrdlitschka -- storyteller and human extraordinaire; and second, 32 Books -- my closest Indie bookstore, and a tiny corner packed with book joy in North Vancouver.

As for the creatures? You'll have to watch to find out...

More soon...


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