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It's HERE!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Welcome to my brand new website! I'm so excited to share it with you.

You're still going to be able to find your favourite elements -- the blog is here, and so are the links to all my books, and to Please feel free to take a look around!

Apart from the new look, the biggest change is that to celebrate this summer's arrival of my new book, Eighty Days To Elsewhere, I'm launching a monthly newsletter. Signing up will bring you news of upcoming events and book arrivals, photos from research trips, interviews and conversations with other writers, and did I mention free books? Every month will feature a book giveaway from our featured author. You can add your name to the mailing list below -- easy! This month's newsletter will appear in your mailbox mid-March. Anything else you'd like to see? Drop me a line at

And speaking of the new book -- here's the finished cover!

Now's my turn to ask for your help. Pre-orders can absolutely make a new book -- it was pre-orders that catapulted FINDING FRASER into Amazon bestseller status before it was even out! The world might be on fire right now, but you can always count on a book to take you away.

So, if you enjoyed traveling to Scotland with Emma in FINDING FRASER, please consider this your special invitation to join Romy Keene on the adventure of a lifetime, as she circles the globe in a race to save her family's bookstore! EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE will debut this summer, but you can help welcome Romy by ordering a copy from your local bookstore, or by clicking one of the pre-order links below.

We both thank you.

More soon...!



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