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Korea Farewell…

Sitting here at the Incheon airport with my buddy Lee [aka Mr. Wiz], preparing to put ourselves into the hands of the Gods of Physics for our trip home to Vancouver. My time in Korea has been amazing — a great week of camp capped off with two incredible days in Seoul.

The wifi here is playing me a bit false, and is taking forever to load images, so I’ll just leave you with a few words of prose here and add the pix later.

So, just for the record, here are a few of the things I’ve done lately that I can safely say I’ve never done before…

Designed my own superhero logo. [Involves super-tights, of course….]

Donned Tweedledum pyjamas and had a Thai massage with two compatriots, who will remain unnamed to protect the guilty.

Washed my hands with mouthwash. [It _looked_ like a soap dispenser!]

Taken an elevator ride 800m in under 30 seconds.

Photographed just about every meal that contained an item of food I’ve never eaten before. [Searching out veggie fare in a carnivour-pro country was an experience in itself].

Taken photos through the glass floor of Top Cloud, some 38+ stories in the air.

Traipsed tiny alleyways in a dark, steamy city.

Written Canadian wishes on the wall of a Story Cafe in Seoul.

Eaten cake with chopsticks.

Seen buddhist monks, gandalf, stone Korean tigers, nuns, duck eggs, avant-garde artwork, automated ramen bowls, Elvis, snack-larvae, neon hansom cabs, Japanese lucky cats, Marilyn Monroe, canoodling lovers beside a man-made canal, brilliant butterflys, and every commercial good possible [except raisin bran…] for sale on the streets of this gigantic, breath-taking, amazing city.

Korea — thank you for showing me such a wonderful time.

When I get home, I’ll post photos and a link to some of the evidence on Flickr. But now…I board.

More soon…



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