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Mobility Update

Quick update: bionic leg on the mend. Seven weeks post-break, [six post-surgery] and I expect to get the all-clear from the surgeon this week to progress to physio. I’ve spent the down-time sleeping more than usual, writing less than usual [but still writing], reading, and taking French lessons. But as soon as the all-clear sounds, I’m hoping for back to business-as-usual. [Apart from my daily run, which apparently is still at least seven months away.]

I see a lot of walking in my future…

In the meantime, in kc dyer news, I’ve got a few events lined up locally, in case you’d like to come out and say hello or get a book signed.

On April 4th, I’ll be at the New West Library reading and chatting. FB event is HERE.

And later in April, I’ve got at least two bookstores lined up for ‘Authors for Indies’ day. I missed this very special day last year because I was in Iceland, so I’m super-stoked to take part this year.

More deets once the timing and locations are set in stone. I can tell you that Authors for Indies day is April 29th this year, and every independant bookstore in the province should have a local author or two to chat with. A fun way to meet writers in person and help out our independant bookstores! See you there?

More soon…


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