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More time travel, tardis-y goodness…

Today’s Friday and that means it’ll be a bedtime story tonight. Which I haven’t decided on yet. Or recorded. Or mixed. Or found appropriate artwork for. Or figured how to monetize.

However. It’s one of those things you just do for the love of it, you know? The storytelling joy.

Like building a tardis. From scratch. Foldable.

Like this very adorable teacher from Germany did.

I think everyone who watches this should choose the ‘marry her’ option. She is so cute and wonderful and can you imagine having her as a teacher? The BEST.

Anyway, even though I have NO time today, and I haven’t done any of my own work [see first paragraph], I was still so mesmerized by this that I watched the whole thing.

Because…why not?

[It _is_ Friday, after all…]


More soon… ~kc

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