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#SSS2012 Update…

… being the Scribetacular Summer Scramble, the July word-race-to-the-death [or…to the pain???] that I am engaged in with the weirdly energetic Corporal Tyner Gillies. I’m not sure what’s in his coffee, but he got off to an astounding start, and I have been playing catch-up ever since. [My venerable old tortoise to his hopping hare seems a darned good analogy right about now.]

At the moment, I believe I continue to float somewhere around 10,000 words behind him for the month. I haven’t started writing yet today, but my total is just shy of 29,000 words. So I’m basically a third of the way behind him.

That’s a lot of work for my tortoise….

But I’m having fun with the Very Silly Story I am writing, and still trying to get a few other outstanding projects underway [more about them, soon], so all in all it’s been a good month for the words. I’m definitely aiming to double my existing word count by the end of July, ’cause I hear Gillies has a clown suit with my name on it , and I would SO MUCH RATHER have him fitted for a tutu…!

Here’s his most recent take on the competition: Facing the Grind

So, who are YOU rooting for?

[Come on…you know you’d rather have this reciting a poem at SiWC 2012! —->>>>]

More soon…



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