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While it is still advent…

…at least in my part of the world, allow me to link to my recco of Jack Whyte’s story of Braveheart — William Wallace, which was one of my suggestions for the folks at the Advent Book Blog this year. I actually sent them two this year, but they chose this one, so I’ll feature the other [along with a list of some of the range of post-apocolyptic reading I’ve been doing this year] in a special Christmas Day edition of the blog. And for those of you who find Santa has left a gift card for the bookstore under your tree, hie yourselves over and read the other suggestions on the Advent Book Blog — I know I’ve augmented my TBR list considerably after reading all the entries!

A friend [and fellow writer/blogger] Katrina Archer, tweeted earlier this week that the line-ups she’d seen at the bookstore this year belie the imminent demise of publishing…and I have to agree. Great to see so many people out there buying books — hooray! [*Altruism tinged with self-interest permeates the previous remark, of course…]

And for your Christmas Eve pleasure, here are the Silent Monks celebrating the Hallelujah chorus in the best way they know how!

More soon…



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