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This world we live in.


I’m watching live-stream of the Chilean miner rescue as I type this. Footage of them underground, and the jubilation up above.


Check this…

[via @DarrenBarefoot. No irony intended.]

And Darby continues her tour apace — visiting Linda Grimes’ Reality, and is she cool? Man — she’s got a tonne of commenters already — AND she’s forgiven Darby for being Canadian!

Darby also trekked north again to hang out in author Helene Boudreau’s Land.Her blog’s multi-coloured, man! Check it out HERE.

Meanwhile, it turns out I have taken a little trip of my own — to hang out with author Linda Gerber, as she reads my numbers, prior to the arrival of her own book, Trance. Read more HERE.

So, I guess this means that books are available to be won all OVER the place.

Isn’t this world incredible?

If you feel the spirit move you — share something that blows YOUR mind in the comments.

More soon…



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