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Almost Solstice…

…one of my absolute favourite days of the year.

Not for the shortness of the day or the length of the night, but for the sheer potential of it — at long last, the earth’s orbit is working toward more sunlit hours.


And this year, an incredible event will mark the day. Not since 1545 — that was smack in the middle of King Henry VIII’s reign, people — has there been a lunar eclipse that coincides with Winter Solstice.

At least half the world will get a lovely clear view of fire in the sky. does a great job of explaining it HERE.

Lots going on in these last, frantic days of 2010, so keep your eyes tuned to the blog and all will be revealed. But for tonight? Let’s finish with a lovely depiction of Neil Gaiman’s Very Creepy Christmas Poem —

More soon …


Update: And of course those of you who commented are right — my fingers typed 1554 but my brain read 1545, so Mary had succeeded her father to the throne of England. I’ll bet that blood-red moon cast fear into the hearts of any Protestants who lingered in the land!


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