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Cover Reveal Day!

SO thrilled to be able to share the cover of my new book, AN ACCIDENTAL ODYSSEY, coming this December. It is the second in the ExLibris series -- not a sequel to EIGHTY DAYS TO ELSEWHERE, but in the same world. I LOVE this cover, designed again by the brilliant Vi-An Nguyen. If you enjoyed Romy's race around the world, I think you'll enjoy Gia's crazy tour of the Mediterranean. There's delicious food, a hot archaeologist, a captivating cockatoo, buff sirens, a one-eyed giant and even an underwater encounter with a colossal kracken.

And if you'd like a special surprise that you'll have forgotten all about to arrive before Christmas, here's the link where you can preorder.

Lots of details to come, but for today, allow me -- and Gia -- to raise a tentacle to you, my favourite reader!




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