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FINDING FRASER in the wild…!

Guys, guys…! The wait is OVAH!

I’m thrilled to say FINDING FRASER is finally available in other digital formats. Today, it was spotted for the first time, in the Kobo wilds at

Editing this post to add — the story is now on Nook, too, right here at Barnes and Noble. Hooray! Thanks to all the readers alerting me to sightings in the wild!

I’ve had so many calls for this story to arrive in other formats, so I’m delighted this day is finally here.

I’m hoping you can help me out. If you find this story lurking in other jungles — like iTunes — let me know, okay? It’s been released for a few days now, so I’m happy to hear news of wilderness sightings in any setting.

And if you’ve been waiting to read the story on your Kobo or your Nook — go for it.

More soon…


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