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Great Canadian Holiday Reads for All Ages

We interrupt the endless stream of self-promotion to share some wonderful Canadian books I've read that have found their way out into the world recently, all of which make EXCELLENT gifts. Please show your local Indie bookstore some love, and buy them there!

For the reader who loves memoir:

This moving, lovely story by Jolie Phuong Hoang tells the tale of costs bourne by her family in their journey to Canada. THREE FUNERALS FOR MY FATHER is the story of love, grief and resilience of a family arriving from Vietnam. Published in Canada by Tidewater Press.

I was lucky enough to read this story before it was published. You can read my review HERE.

For readers both young and young at heart:

SPELL SWEEPER is a delightful take on life at a magic school, and Cara Moon is a deliciously cranky protagonist. This story is a real departure for author Lee Edward Födi, because Cara needs to face realities both at her island-based magical school, and her west coast real-world home.

You can read my recent chat with the author HERE.

Another wonderful book that's just out this year is VALLEY OF THE RATS, by Mahtab Narsimhan.

This spooky adventure story is drawing accolades from readers of all ages.

Mahtab is a hugely prolific writer, and you'll find an excellent rundown of all her titles on her website HERE.

For readers of fantasy, verse and mythology:

This story has a little something for everyone -- BRAMAH AND THE BEGGAR BOY is a fantasy steeped in fairy tales, ancient lore and poetry, with the beautiful shape-shifting, time-travelling goddess Bramah at it's heart.

Author Renée Sarojini Saklikar, like her heroine Bramah, is a multi-hyphenate phenom -- poet, lawyer, teacher, and story-teller, and this story has been ten years in the making. You can read more about Renée's life-long poetry project HERE.

I'll stop there for today, but if you have suggestions you'd like to add -- please comment below. And, as always, watch for...

More soon!



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