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HEADHUNTER REimagined E-book giveaway!

Horror-fied that it’s almost December?

Me, too!

Where did this year go to?

I can tell you where my November has gone — into the pages of an old-new project. But I just pressed ‘send’ yesterday, and now my lovely agent has more holiday reading material.

To celebrate finishing, and also the arrival of my friend Michael Slade’s new ebook [discussed HERE, in case you missed it], I’m going to have a little contest.

Prize is a free Kindle edition of “HEADHUNTER Reimagined”!

All you have to do is answer the following ‘skill-testing question’:

Slade has deep roots in the history of the Mounted Police. In what year do they begin?

The answer can be found somewhere on his website HERE. [Hey, this is not hard. I’ve even given you the correct page!]

All you have to do is send me the correct year, either on twitter  @kcdyer, Facebook or leave a comment on this post, and I’ll put your name in the draw. I’ll do the draw Friday night. Open to readers anywhere in the world — but remember the prize is in Kindle ebook format only. And hashtag your entry #HeadhunterGiveaway, so I am sure to find it.

So, spread the word and let’s share the horror with Slade’s HEADHUNTER, Reimagined! See you back here Friday night!

More soon…


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