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Hop-along kc update and a PSA for puppy owners

Broken leg, kc-stylez

Update first:

Breaking a leg is no fun. I do not recommend it, particularly when surgery is involved. Last Friday I became the proud new possessor of a plate, several screws and some kind of trapeze-thingy tying my broken fibula together. The surgery was not too bad, the drugs afterward were awful, but I’ve made it through.

Now that my time under the knife is over, I am starting to feel more like myself again. I was able to work yesterday for the first time, although it turned out to be a chaotic day. Here’s where we get to the public service announcement.

I’ve had an asthma resurgence since the accident, and the other day when I crutched off to the bathroom, my 7-month old puppy Tyr snuck up and stole my inhaler off my desk. By the time I got back, he’d chewed it up and poisoned himself. His heart immediately began racing [200 b/m], but luckily we got to him before any other symptoms arose. We called in the troops and rushed him to Animal Emerg in the city, and after early intervention and an overnight stay, he’s fine now.

Snoozing safe at home.

Tyr [named for the Icelandic God of War] is the Problem Child of the family, and we are forever removing horrifying things from his mouth. Dead animals, garbage, anything he can wrap his lips around. Today alone, I have had to crutch after him to regain my pen case [full of fountain pens], and then later a 3″ rusty nail that he was trying his best to chew up and swallow. He is asleep as I type this, the only time I really feel he is safe. As a result, we are well-practiced at keeping most things out of his reach. I’ve had to puppy-proof my house WAY more extensively than I ever did for my children. My inhaler was under a cloth, behind my computer on my desk when he grabbed it. I had no idea he could even reach it.

I have since learned that ventolin apparently smells DELICIOUS to dogs and that salbutamol poisoning can kill a dog very quickly. Luckily we got our wee god of war into the vet in time, and have a happy ending. But please note — keep your inhalers well out of reach, because even if they can’t see them, they can smell them and for an opportunist like Tyr, that’s enough.

Lesson learned!

So, I guess the TL;DR of the story is — both kc and Tyr are home and safe. We send out thanks to all for the kind thoughts and wishes directed to us both!

More soon…



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Mar 29, 2021

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