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It’s HERE!

Holy crow.

It is a sign of how excited I am that I took this picture WITHOUT EVEN BRUSHING MY HAIR.

Okay, shut up. I know I never brush my hair.

But I am still SO excited!

The new book is here and it…is BEAUTIFUL. I am so, so happy with it. Thrilled.

Now, from what I can see, there are a lot of people out there who identify with Emma Sheridan, the protagonist of this story. Loads of people have pre-ordered the ebook, and that has also thrilled me.

But can I just say? The trade paperback version is just so, so lovely. It smells good. It feels good. It’s got a great picture on the cover! And as of tonight? You can order it, too!

[Just pausing for an editorial moment here to note that I have no fiscal incentive to push the paperback over the ebook. I actually make more money per copy from the digital version. The paperback nets me around a dollar a copy. To be perfectly clear.]

I know most people inhabit a more sensible world than I do when it comes to books. There is not a flat surface in my house that doesn’t have books piled on it. So I get the whole appeal of digital stories. But this book — oh, man, I am happy to hold it in my hand!

Anyway. I’ll stop now. Lots more cool stuff coming soon — scavenger hunts and blog tours and a whole brand new website [or two!] to share. But as of right now, you can order FINDING FRASER online in its sleek digital version, and within a day or so, you’ll also be able to order book-addict-appealing trade paperback version. And I couldn’t wait another minute to share!

More soon…


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