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Last stop: London

It’s always been my policy to respect my children’s privacy, and so I rarely mention them online. However, I had to make a short diversion in this trip to watch my daughter collect her PhD from the University of Edinburgh, and I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished, I just have to stop here and give her a little cheer. Hooray, Meaghan!

After the little, joyful side-trip to Edinburgh, it was time to make my final stop in this whirlwind circumnavigation. London!

The Reform Club, on London’s Pall Mall

To paraphrase Sam Johnson, when a woman is tired of London, she is tired of life. I love this city so much, and since I never tire of her many faces, it’s a fitting place for me to wrap up this incredible adventure. London is, after all, where Phileas Fogg began and ended his quest.

As such, it was a given that I stop by the Reform Club — the site where Fogg made the infamous wager that would take him around the world — for a visit. While it is open to women these days [unlike in Jules Verne’s time], the dress code does not allow for either jeans or running shoes, so I didn’t get to see inside.

Tower Bridge

Instead, I spent my time wandering the city,

Part of the original wall inside the Tower of London

visiting the Tower of London …

[mostly to chat with the ravens],

hanging out in the underground,

and spending a bit of down time with the Queen [and her dad].

Do you have a favourite place in London? Share!

I need to throw myself into finishing this novel now, but will poke my head in here as much as I can to chat more about this splendiferous journey. I return home humbled and grateful for the experience, and — of course — eager to head off again as soon the opportunity arises.

More soon…!



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