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Link Love…

Okay, since we are still experiencing some technical difficulties, here, for you my pretties, I present a little link love…

First, may I direct you to BOOKS ON THE RADIO, the site run by the renowned and widely respected Sean Cranbury. In this latest post, Sean is making the case for turntable-to-digital technology, but for me, also pretty succinctly addressing head-on the fears that traditional publishing hold for anything new. Of digital technology he says [in part]:

It is what it is. Produce a quality physical product and people will buy it.

Set the digital file free (as in libre, not gratis, though this is a bit of a Moebius Strip), respect your customers choices and stay out of their way.

Read the rest HERE. [AND see a shot of a very cool Ion turntable-to-mp3 player, too…]

Now, normally for this next bit, I’d embed the video, but instead I’ll just direct you to the boingboing link HERE, which announces Google’s new international science fair project for teens 13-18. CHECK IT OUT!

And finally, in the next week I’ll be sending out a New Year’s edition of my newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, email me [at the address below] and I’ll add your name to the list. A way to keep you updated with all the crazy going down in the kc dyer universe.

More [hopefully pictorially!] soon…


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