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Magical Mosaic

Mosaic as in Mosaic Books, of course, found on the main drag of Kelowna, BC. My visit there was lovely, thanks to the terrific staff and amazing readers who came out to meet me. A big thank you to Alicia and all her girls.

It was a steamy day, and the cool aisles of Mosaic were a welcome respite to Kelowna readers. [My car thermometer read 41 as I drove out of Whistler, so I thought it wouldn’t get worse than that. Wrong. Kamloops? 43.]

I so enjoyed meeting and chatting with all the Kelowna gang!

Had the very exciting experience of awarding a prize to this lovely lady for Scottish Knitwear Worn In Summer — you’ll notice her cane is lovingly yarn-bombed — the first I’ve ever seen!

Mosaic yarn bomb

A wonderful penultimate day to my tour — thank you Kelowna! And tomorrow? On to Penticton!

More soon…



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