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Mars Rover Curiosity Lands Tonight!

So, this is how it is supposed to happen:

[And HOW cool is it that Wil Wheaton is narrating this little clip for NASA?]

Wlll it actually play out this way? We aren’t going to know until after it happens, since the time it will take for the pictures to travel the distance is 14 minutes, and the landing itself should only take 7. [Nasa has dubbed it Seven Minutes of Terror. I think their collective anxiety is showing…]

You can watch events unfold live at NASA’s livestream [you can sign in via your facebook page], and if you’d like to learn more, Boing Boin’s Xeni Jardin has a whole whack of links posted here.

Man. This is SUCH an amazing time to be alive. How lucky are we?

More soon…


Edited to Americanize spellings. ARGH!

Update: They did it! SO exciting! Two years of science, commence now. And same as on PEI…no white dogs need apply!

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