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Murder Most Foul...

I was lucky enough to score a signed copy of this horrific little slice of historical perfection in a lovely little bookstore nestled deep inside the Kingdom of Fife this week. It was my first visit to St. Andrews since long before the turn of the last century, and it was wonderful to meander through the town, peeking into all the book-ish corners. To find a signed copy of RIZZIO was icing on the top of a perfect visit.

This recreation of the death of Mary Queen of Scots' friend and courtier David Rizzio is brilliantly brought to life by the incredible Denise Mina. The story thrusts contemporary readers into the thrilling, blood-thirsty reality of Mary's world, just before it begins to crumble. RIZZIO is the shortest book I've read this year, but possibly my favourite so far. Denise Mina takes this tiny, mostly-ignored chapter of history and with a few strokes of her bloodiest quill, breathes horrifyingly believable life into it.

Read it already? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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