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New Interview [with bonus Dream Casting...!]

Late last year while I was in Scotland I did a lovely interview with writer Jennifer Vineyard that appears in this magazine. We talked about the process of writing FINDING FRASER, and even posted pix of a dream cast, should the story ever make it onto film!

As of right now, it appears the guide is only available at Barnes & Noble in the US, but I'm hoping it'll be more widely distributed as time goes on.

In any case, for those of you who want a sneak peak at what Season 6 will hold for the denizens of Fraser's Ridge -- this is the place to look!

If you have not yet read FINDING FRASER, you can find it HERE. [Amazon has it on sale for just over seven bucks at the moment -- a real steal!] It's the story of a young woman, whose life is such a mess that she sells everything and runs off to Scotland to try to find a real life version of her book boyfriend. [Can you guess who he might be?]

After all, as we all know, sometimes searching for love can be...



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