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Podcast fun…

Hey — happy fall!

Who’s drinking pumpkin lattes, yet…? I’ve just refilled my pumpkin spice chai tea tin, so… well, that’s pretty much cemented my hipster doofus status, yes?

While we’re on the subject of being a doofus, you can watch/listen to me wax rhapsodic about my job, the publishing process in general and self-publishing in particular on Tom Corson-Knowles Publishing Profits Vidoe Podcast right HERE.

I tweeted about this when it happened, but my chat with Tom was smack in the middle of  my tour and I didn’t have time to put it up here on the blog. So if you want to see me in my geeky podcasting headphones, now’s your chance.

So much is going on this season — stay tuned for updates!

More soon…

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