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Research Trip Ride-Along: Astonishing Akureyri

I’m doing a lot of back-and-forthing on this trip, traversing this amazing country and taking one breath-taking flight after another. It’s been the research road-trip of a lifetime! It’s gotten so I hate lifting my head from the research and the writing to see what’s happening in the real world. Sometimes it’s just so sad, yes?

To lighten the mood, here are some shots from Northern Iceland. Akureyri isn’t that old, as Icelandic settlements go, as until a couple of hundred years ago there were rarely more than a few people camping out in this lovely spot. But the increase in the fishing industry brought more Icelanders — and foreigners — to this protected fjord and things have been booming ever since. It is particularly lovely to visit in the summer, I am told [one cab driver compared it to Majorica, I’ll have you know], but my visit in the springtime has been just breathtaking.

Travel with me, will you?

First, we have to get there. The roads are still questionable at this time of year, so I flew.

Flying north from Reykjavik

Most of the mountain tops have been carved off by the glaciers’ retreat.

There was no one across the aisle from me, and I literally spent the whole flight bobbing back and forth across the aisle, shooting from both sides of the plane. Not counting flying into Iceland, I’ve had four flights in total, but this first one had the most brilliantly clear view of them all.

The town of Akureyri is lovely, and I walked through all of it over several days.

This shot is from the top end of the town, by the university. A gorgeous day.

On the fjord.

Down by the fjord, this is called ‘Sail’.

And this, further along the shoreline in the oldest part of town is one of three ‘Memorial to the Future’ stones.

And, of course, the obligatory Icelandic Elvis sighting…

Getting dark…

I gear up, getting ready for the lights. There might be a heatwave in Vancouver, but NOT HERE.

Took many, many pictures, but that aurora is elusive. It dances in and out, so hard to capture.

My best shot was, against all odds, above the town lights, when the aurora surged before retreating for good.

More soon…!


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