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Research Trip Ride-Along: Wrap-up

So, for today, a few pix to finish up…and a warning. The beautiful Berkley edition of FINDING FRASER is launching this week. The official date is May 3, but…it’s been spotted in the wild already. Things around here are going to get celebratory for the next little while, so if that’s not your thing, I should have it out of my system in the next week or two.

But for now, a good-bye to all the wonderful places I’ve been for the past month…

Flying in to London [past the Shard]

A visit to the Tower

Unmistakeable Wales

A city view in beautiful Cardiff

And then caving underground, with waterfall

After Wales, I was off to the Borders, between England and Scotland. Here, a glimpse of a wee tidal island castle…

Lindisfarne Castle on the Holy Isle

And then off to Incredible Iceland!

Iceland from the air My home base was Reykjavik — such a beautiful place! This is a view from atop Hallgrimskirkja.

That’s Leifur Eiriksson standing guard below…

Then it was off to the north, home to Akurari, ice-filled waterfalls,

Icelandic lava tube

And this guy! His name is Striga, and his bloodline goes back 900 years. He and I spent a wonderful couple of hours together, riding through streams and sleet and snowy fields.

I also got a chance to do this!

Straddling the Icelandic rift. Left foot on Europe, right on North America! Then it was on to the beautiful town of Isafjordur, surrounded by the cliffs of the Skutulsfjordur. The town was filled with its amazing iron-faced houses…

Huge, Icelandic-accented ravens…

And was a really hideous place to hang out at night, as you can see…

Yeah — clearly night-time in Iceland is nothing special.

After bidding this beautiful land goodbye, I finished my trip in one of my favourite cities in the world, under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

An amazing journey. Thank you for sharing it with me!

More soon…


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