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Signal Boost aimed at Those Who Love Treats: MimBakes Blog

But just recently my daughter Meaghan has taken to blogging herself, mostly about her adventures in baking [seasoned also with a touch of her new puppy, Mad Max].

Since she was a wee thing, she has always been the best baker in the family, and is putting her skills to good use while she’s at school in Edinburgh.

Mimi’s Vanilla Bailey’s cupcakes

My favourite part of her blog is her careful step-by-step photography, which is guaranteed to help even a novice find their way through these receipes.

One of the steps needed for making Rustic Bagels.

She’s also really good about including specific measurements and nutritional values.

[And did I mention the puppy? ]

You can find MimBakes HERE.

Your tummy will thank you!

More soon…


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