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Signal Boost — Canada’s Disappearing History

Signal boost. [original CC image by sqent]

We’re in federal election season here in my country, and for the most part I find myself stupified by the soporific level of debate between the major parties.

“TALK ABOUT WHAT MATTERS” I scream at the radio, but… I dunno. It’s not happening. Most of the media seems to just follow along in the ‘photo op, but no substantive analysis’ herd, and it leaves me discouraged.

So, yanno, I might just shout about it here when I think someone is getting it right, now and again. To that end, this is my first signal boost for someone who is talking about something that feels to me like it matters. I’d love to hear YOUR take on it, too.

For more than a year now, I’ve been listening to Jesse Brown’s CANADALAND podcast, and for the past six months or so, I’ve also been one of his supporters. More than his role within independant media, I appreciate the media criticism his show offers, which is sadly missing elsewhere. And this week, he spoke with Anne Kingston about her piece in Macleans magazine.

The piece itself is a must-read for every thinking Canadian, and Jesse and Anne’s discussion of it is well worth the listen. Her feelings when talking to a scientist about missing data on climate change while he’s having to run from a wildfire…? Listen for yourself.

Okay, there you have it. My first political signal boost. Full disclosure? It won’t be the last…  =)

And around here? Further great news about FINDING FRASER is coming!

More soon…


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