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Signal Boost:

mic photo by sqent

Man. I have some Very Exciting News about FINDING FRASER, but I can’t share just yet.


In the meantime, I’m still busily celebrating the month of letters by sending postcards and buttons to folks who request ’em and to others whom I would just like to thank for their support. It’s fun hearing back from everyone as they receive their letters in the mail.

Everyone loves getting letters!

So — here’s a signal boost for the wonderous Mary Robinette Kowal, who originated the Month of Letters. Running this fun little annual event has turned out to be more expensive than expected, and Mary has set up a Patreon account to help with the funding. If you like writing letters — or getting letters — or helping writers who have lovely ideas, this is the place for you!

HERE is where you can read about Mary Robinette’s world on her website.

HERE is where you can find out about the Month of Letters. It’s not too late to start!

And HERE is where you can find Mary Robinette’s Patreon page. [And, dare I say it? When you support her, there may be a story in it for you!]

Be a patron of the art of letter writing. Do it!

More soon…


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