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The Best Gifts for the writers [and readers!] you love...

It's December first -- happy holidays! Hanukkah has already begun and the gift-giving season is upon us. This is your friendly annual reminder that there are lots of ways to give a gift to the readers and the writers in your life -- even if the budget is tight. EVEN if the budget is zero!

Here is kc's quick gift-giving guide, to help you when you are stuck for the perfect something.

For Readers

Of course, books are always the best gifts to give and to receive, and buying books is a great way to support your local independent bookstore. And don't be limited by format -- more people than ever are enjoying ebooks [endless supply, no bookshelf required], and audiobooks are the greatest thing ever!

For Writers

It's a given that you can support your favourite writer by buying a copy of their book -- or more than one! But what if the budget is tight? The best FREE gift you can give a writer you love is to post a review of one of their books at your retailer of choice online. Reviews -- even the tepid ones! -- sell books. Another great gift you can give for free? Request their books at your local library! And don't forget to ask for e-copies, or the audio version, too, if there is one available.

Who knew the gift-giving season could be so cheap and easy? THIS is why having a writer for a friend is the best....right?

MY new book, An Accidental Odyssey, is arriving in two weeks. And until December 7th, you can order a signed copy from Love's Sweet Arrow, and get a whole selection of swag, too! All the details are HERE:

Thank you for sharing the love this holiday season with my books!

More soon...



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