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The final leg of this amazing book tour takes me back into the Interior, and the first stop is in Vernon at the marvellous Bookland. Bethany led a great group of booksellers, and I had such a fun visit.

Nearly one of the first people to walk in the door was this lovely lady, Leila — who had JUST won a copy of FINDING FRASER from CBC Radio.

[I did a fun interview a few days earlier with Rebecca Zandbergen of CBC’s Radio West afternoon show.]

It was great to meet and chat with Leila in person!

I had a lovely time visiting with other local readers, and my day was totally made by the unplanned arrival of a group of my sister’s friends who showed up and then loyally bought books en masse!

Thanks for the support Linda, Gary and Val!

It was a wonderful visit to Vernon, and after a cool Bookland afternoon I headed out into the scorching heat and off to my next stop — Kelowna. See you there?

More soon…



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