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Zombie Protection

Yikes…I miss a couple of days blogging and suddenly I have a tonne of stuff to talk about. Ah, well…will get to it over the next few days.

Complicating this is that Firefox is crashing like mad on me tonight. Not sure my zombie shot will make it into this post. Coincidence…?

I think not.

However, I will try again, for the edification of my Geek posse…

Yes, it’s true. A certain whiff of geekiness can be detected around this blog. In fact, today on twitter I outed my favourite group of movie-going friends as The Geek Collective [our motto: We Are the Nerd…], and tomorrow we are all heading out to see Tron. Collecting five geeks [plus a couple of non-geek hangers-on] together for an event like this is an endeavour. The origin of this event is the fact that James McCann, Lee Edward Fodi and I all have our birthdays within a month of each other, so in January, we celebrate in as geeky a fashion as is possible. It turns out that Jacqueline Pearce, another intrepid novelist [though arguably FAR less geeky] has a birthday this month, too, so she’s coming along.

But, as Firefox is denying me, looks like they’ll have to wait. Will try another zombie protection post shortly.

More [as always] soon,



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