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Featured Writer: JJ Lee

In celebration of #BlackHistoryMonth, I'm featuring a BIPOC writer for every day of February. And as a special treat for subscribers to my newsletter, every week one lucky reader will win a copy of a book from each of that week's seven featured writers. This week's draw will be announced right here on the blog. Not a subscriber yet? Scroll to the bottom of this page, and sign up!

JJ Lee is a writer, a broadcaster, a bon vivant and an all-round awesome human. His most recent article, which appears HERE, in Montecristo magazine, is his take on Karen Lam's current North Vancouver exhibition 'My Chinatown'; in which he traces the roots he and the artist share.

He's also the author of one of the most ingeniously crafted memoirs ever -- THE MEASURE OF A MAN: The story of a father, a son and a suit. As JJ struggles to alter and remake an old suit of his father's from the back of the closet, the story of the relationship unfolds, riddled with all the complexities to be found between fathers and sons.

I loved reading this wonderful memoir when it came out, and, as I always look forward to all of JJ's stories, I can't wait to see what he'll pull out next, from inside one of his carefully tailored sleeves.

Tonight's the night for this week's draw! One lucky newsletter subscriber will win a copy of JJ's book, along with books from Lindsay Wong, Otoniya Juliane Otok Bitek, Alisha Rai, Alyssa Cole, Chantal Gibson and Sunday's featured writer, who will be revealed tomorrow.

Make sure you're signed up for my newsletter at and watch this space for the winner's name tomorrow!

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